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Mirach and Liron Lonely Forest

posted Aug 11, 2011 09:36:01 by DragonRider3
Mirach ( character) and Liron have met! This is their talk so far:

And now it needs to be continued! On warmer place, next to campfire! :D
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DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2011 18:56:57
I know how you must feel. Please, forgive me for my tongue is very long.. I'm an elf, and sometimes I forget that not all have eternity to spend just by dealing with my long talk.. I'll give my best to make it less long, you must be to tired to listen to it, even if I would love to enjoy in talking with you for little more * slight sad smile *

Oh, of course I will not take you the credit for your mushrooms! If it wasn't them, I guess we would eat only mist! * stands up lightly and bows like he's on court " It's my pleasure to cook for so grateful eater! You make my heart sing!

I wouldn't like to make you listen more of me if you don't want to, but * said Liron thinking, and sat again, taking some more tasty mushrooms " your story about your world's fabric really intrigues me. You may say I try to connect everything, but your way of describing it without doubt reminds me of texture of worlds, seeable and not, itself. Magic is moving, but, in general, without all movements, when we remove unit of time, it leaves only space, unchangeable and absolute. And texture of that space we call "onni", the moment. Cosmos works on order that every onni is different, and once onni from past happen again only one time in all nice realms in same moment, it is said that The Creation will end. That's the reason magic <i> is </i>, to prevent Creation from ending till the Time come. But that's other story I don't want to bother you with. My point is that in moment of onni, transporting our view into your ways of understanding the world you live in, all threads are not moving, or as you would say - vibrating. In onni, when we remove units of Time, structure of our both worlds are the same.
Isn't that interesting? Fabric could explain even behaving of magic in some situations. I didn't want to demonstrate, but I think I would need to show you what I, and that means also you, could be <i> able </i> to do. *Liron took one of his arrows and cut his finger a little. * Ouch. You see, this is just a theory, but I always wanna try them out. Let's see; if my theory works, than using the force to cut my hand is making fibres vibrate - but, also, as vibrating, they affect mine hand and cause the injury, or changing the structure of one part of fabric they reached, in this case, my hand. But.. * he giggled * if I use my healing magic, I'll use power of my spirit to transfer my own energy into place where fabric is changed - and since my magic, like I do, have knowledge about what fabric used to be before changing, it will help it regain its look. And hand would be be healed, with different words, even not completely the same, because than it would threaten to create the same onni. * Liron started waving his hand around scratches on his hand, and green light appear around it. He continue talking, but obviously with thoughts on other place * you see light? It can be seen because it need a lot of magic even for small healing. At my place we consider this thick magic. When magic is thick enough, even non-wizards can see it. In your way, I guess I would explain it as threads that are vibrating so fast that they look thick and can be seen?

Of course, I'm possible wrong, but it is at least interesting theory. *sigh*

That should do it. * Liron took a quick look at his hand and then point his glare at Mirach. * I wonder does Svarik do something similar. I, personally, can heal up to ten people who are near death at once without rest, but then I'm to tired to wake up all day, or more. You see, every magic we wizards do to me seems stronger affecting than magic of Singers, but most of it takes so much of our energy, and we need to recover it or we could get into serious troubles. Meaning general weakness, dizziness, or lose of magic abilities for good or temporary. Sometimes even death.

Our knowledge is great, but I posses none of what happens to soul when person dies. I fear that when it was my time to learn it, I skipped. I feared what I might be taught. I prefer hoping friends and family I lost one day would be on better place than here... At least I'm sure I won't...

But I hear we might have things like your shadows. We have ghosts too, but what you described sounds like "nameless horror". It's not feelings, it's memories kept of place where happened a great sorrow or bloodshed. They are connected to place where they were created, you can't see them awake even if you're wizard , but if you are near these places shades of last memories of dying people can torture you in your dreams and give you no rest, but fear and dark predictions. Mighty ones can even make you have breakdowns. I spoke to one dragon who survived it, but I don't believe I would love to see that place and give it a better look in person...

Yes, I'll surely visit Svarik. Even if I must say, I'm amazed by your trust in me, you know that, dear Mirach. Some people I know would watch me angry and push my body up against the wall, in best case, if I tried to talk about some of their friends that are hiding. * Liron grinned collecting dishes * And they would be right, not because I wrongly consider myself dangerous as a little ladybug, but because no one can know for sure is he speaking to friend or foe these days. And you not only aren't doubting at me, who you met today, but also advice me to visit your friend without even thinking that I could be spy or assassin who <i> lies to you </i> and could harm Svarik? Luckily to both of us, specially me when I take a look at your face right now, I'm not either. You've the whitest heart I ever sow. I am honored by meeting you. * Liron bowed to ground, touching it with right hand, which is sign of greatest respect and trust, and waited till Mirach speak *
Mirach said Aug 11, 2011 21:11:46
"Liron..." Mirach looked at the prince critically. "You really talk too much. Maybe for your wizards it is a good thing, but a Singer has to know to listen, before all. You can't listen when you always talk... Now please, be quiet for a few moments. I need to listen to the wind, and think about what you said."

It was indeed quiet for some time, interrupted just by the cracking of the logs in the fire and the sounds of the forest. Finally Mirach looked at him, smiling slightly.

"Your theory sounds quite complicated, you know. I think Izven would appreciate it. He's not a Singer, but he likes to discover how things work. But what you did was something I have never seen before. It seems the power of spirit influences the fibre of the world directly. Songs can't do that, they just make make it resonate - just a slight touch, and only possible if the fibre is vibrating in a certain way already. Here, healing a man near death requires days of care, and knowledge of herbs and healing. A song can only shift the balance, help the natural healing. And I didn't tell you that before, but those who can Sing are very few. It requires not only natural talent, and a lot of training, but also many things that one has to discover himself. I know only about one other Singer, and she is dead already... Svarik is just a Listener. He cannot cure ten men near death in a day. He brings healing where he comes... in a different way."

Mirach sighed, as if returning to some painful memory. "I am sorry for speaking about death. I see such talk makes you uncomfortable. You know, I spent some time with a man who bore the Sign of Death, and learnt much from him. Speaking about it comes natural to me, and I don't realize it's not a daily topic for other people. So let's speak about something else...

And are you sure it is such a sign of trust that I told you about Svarik?" She smiled slightly. "I said he never killed... but I didn't say he's not dangerous. He is the Meadow King, after all. And I see you would not harm him, even if you could..." a slight teasing was in her voice, but then her tone was serious again. "I am touched by your respect. You don't know much about me, though, and your judgement can be influenced by my kind manner to you. But that's just because you seem so pure to me. Too pure even, and I wonder how you manage to travel in these woods at all, when you can't fight and can't even get a decent food..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 12, 2011 09:58:48
"Oh, I have feeling that I did overdo... " Liron smiled with shade of guilt, and then lowed his eyes down " You know, I already get used to talk only to birds and squirrels, so I felt so happy because I can have a chat with someone... "

"At my home, as I said, <i>I </i>can cure 10 people this way. There are not totally 15 people in 9 realms that can do that much. Even this little healing I show to you request force that lot of wizards can't afford. It might sound like we are special, but most of us are average with small pressure. In the same moment in time there can be just around 30 really good wizards. Uh, I already start talking to much..
Let's just say also that even this little healing couldn't be possible if I didn't had knowledge about structure of the body before I started it. Maybe it looks simple, like two legs, two arms, and one head, but there are so many details.. I had to gain knowledge about this for years, and even if I had support among friends who knew about it, it was hard. Of course, I also wouldn't be some great healer if I don't have knowledge about herbs and natural healing, and there's a few words I would love to share with Meadow King. What do you think I do after I heal ten people? Certainly, no matter how tired I feel, when I can't heal with magic, I use traditional ways. But... " Liron stop for a moment " I usually try to push myself as far as I can go in using magic, so I can help more people.. "

"OK, my theory failed.. Shame on me... At least it was fun to suggest. Your Izven must be a bit alike me, but I assume he's better at not concluding something that's unlikely. But I could be forgiven, for my knowledge of this world is the same you shared with me. Expect the fact that my own Singing magic, that at my home, affects at all levels of reality, here has difficulties, and now I could say it must be fabric that interfere with magic and make it less effective.
My theory failed, and it means... It means I'll in future in this place have only my own magic to deal or fight with. That's good. Less dangerous, I suppose. "

Liron said no more for some time, as he was fighting with some dark memories known only to him. Bypassing part of the conversation in which they would be talking about death, Liron continue quietly:

"My judgement about you is correct. There are some thing in which I am not ever wrong, and that's estimate of people. I'm happy you also think so nicely of me, I thank you for your kind words. And yes" answered Liron watching in shadows near by "I do consider all you said to me a sign of trust - not only because you said me more than you realize, than because I could go to place where Svarik lives, but if I don't know I have to call him, and by which name, I guess I would walk around and nothing would happen.
Danger is relative thing. Many people consider me dangerous, just because I <i> look </i> harmless. And as all my ancestors before me, I indeed could be dangerous. But I don't want to. You see, theoretically, I could kill you on 36 different ways - that I know because I had to learn that ways to prevent them - I could torture you or do dozen of other things that would scar you till the end of your life, and all that for fun, like my father used to... But long time ago I realize it's much better to enjoy this campfire and friendly talk that to bring pain to others. And as considering how I manage to travel and stay alive... " elf grinned and look at Mirach.
"It's elemental thing, but elves can run faster and longer that animals. But animals usually mean no harm. I met four people in last three months, and they all were nice. There were also some men that wanted to rob me, but I skip them using magic. Pretty elemental quote is : If you can't win them, join them. I know better - if you can't win, run!" said Liron and giggled like a child. Child to whom you could never guess that knows anything but that-to smile.
Mirach said Aug 12, 2011 14:25:24
Mirach didn't smile when he did, but looked at him for a long time. "You are quick to formulate theories, and quick to dismiss them. Maybe there really is some truth in it. And maybe you are looking for similarities where there are none. Who can tell? And 36 ways? I find it a bit too much. Maybe you would find out that there is no way..." She laughed suddenly. "Maybe I am just a dream. Can you kill a dream?

But tell me something, Liron. Why are you alone in these woods? Maybe you can run if you can't win, but I'm afraid for you... and I don't mean robbers and wild animals." Again she looked at him intently, and there was something very old in that look, like the land itself.
DragonRider3 said Aug 12, 2011 17:38:46
"Hmmm... I guess lot of things happens in my head quickly. My magic speeds my imagination. But no worries, I'll make sure to ask Svarik what he thinks of this once I meet him, or maybe even Izven if our paths cross.
And, without kidding, I indeed know 36 ways, but they include magic, so I'm not sure it counts? " he signed, already thinking of something other.

"I wonder here.. Because that's how Destiny decided. It's my path, and no one can follow it. I said I can't say what I' doing here, but I'll try to explain why... * Liron stand up and looked at the sky nervously. " Imagine there is one person whose only mistake was that it wanted to change the world to better. Imagine that because of that decision that person was punished far greatly than anyone could suppose. There are hundreds of people that would eagerly give their very lives to save that person, but only three of all people in the world are able? And one.. Only one can indeed do it, without causing Adda of Broken Fate... Imagine... All your friends suffer because this person is in their lives no more, and it is predicted that freeing this person will bring only good to the world.. Even if freeing this person will bring you troubles, or maybe even scar you for whole eternity, and best option is no one ever to find out what sacrifice you're about to make.. What would you do? Woulds you walk away ? "

Suddenly, a song came to his lips, and he sang it with peaceful melody, with his glare up toward fading sun.

"Cover my eyes, cover my ears,
tell me my words are a lie,
but I am sure -
truth I can't deny...

Over there
the shadow of twilight begins,
and where the light of the day ends;
a magical land is
on the other side of
for love
to be
your blade.
And once you find it, there is no doubt
what you seek you will find out.

Some time passes, and none of them answered. One tear find its way from elf's eye. "You're Singer, Mirach. But can you hear Heaven cry a tears of an angel? This is a dangerous place, but more dangerous is what I am up to, and if I am not able to deal with dangers on the way, than everything I ever done worth nothing, and price for my honor is small".

Liron gave Mirach sad eyes look, but since she said nothing, he signed and lean closer:
"If all this is just a illusion, if you're memory of the past, song brought to me with the wind, or a dream... * Liron smiled gently, while his emerald eyes were shining like stars " then it is the most beautiful dream I ever had ".
Mirach said Aug 12, 2011 19:50:39
She listened to his tale and to his song, and she wept quietly. "It is indeed a dream, my friend. But it is not you who is dreaming. It is me..." she sighed. "When I came to you, you stood in the water of a river. Its name is Singing River, and it is no coincidence. For... would I do it or walk away? Oh, I already did. I did what was needed to do, and now I am paying the price. I will not bore you with my tale, for you have your own path before you. But for what I did, I have to sleep for thousand years, and wake to an unknown world without friends. Even now, as we speak, I am asleep deep under the mountain, at the source of this river. But I can dream, and where the river flows, I can flow with it." She smiled slightly. "Don't worry, the mushrooms are real. But to anyone who might look, you found them yourself."

She touched his hand slightly, with her fingertips. "Go to the Meadow King. Maybe he will be able to help you. And take this bag. There are more mushrooms, and other food. I can go with you only as long as you keep to the river..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 13, 2011 07:26:28
Liron listened silently, while tears flow down his face. Her words were imprinted in his memory... And while he was looking at dream who could not be harmed or helped, only one question was in his strange head, so fast jumping from his troubles to troubles of others, just like, for some reason, it always did:

"You.. did... it... " he wept with his eyes full of strange mix of respect and tenderness "And no one can help you free? "
Mirach said Aug 13, 2011 10:14:36
Mirach smiled gently. "No. That story is ended, do not concern yourself about it. No one can help me, but..." her look softened. "I have a hope. Sometimes, I can feel a presence beside me, sharing my fate. Sharing it willingly, so I won't be alone when I wake in a changed world. Maybe it's just an illusion, and a dissappointment awaits me, but I think I know who it is that showed me this greatest kindness. A friend... and maybe more. Much more... The price is not that bitter if you have hope... and love."
DragonRider3 said Aug 13, 2011 10:51:31
Liron nodded, even if it caused him effort. He understood what Mirach was talking about. He, after all, was about to share someone's fate willingly, for as long as it will be needed. He understood it to well.

"Love is the strongest power, indeed. It shapes the world we are familiar with. "

But he added, quietly, with sad smile, thinking of what will doubtless happen later in his life:
"However, hope for me is small. My destiny is already shaped in The Great book, and it's on me to take it. "

He cleared his throat and added more cheerfully, with strange light in his eyes:
" If I came back from this alive, I'll make sure to pay you a visit. You wouldn't mind it, would you? " there was a shade of worry in his voice.
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Mirach said Aug 13, 2011 10:58:47
"One thousand years later, you mean?" Mirach smiled slightly. "Or sooner? In any case, I would be glad for your visit. And destiny... maybe there is such a thing, but I believe in it only after it happens. There are too many ways the fate can turn, too many paths. Sometimes many of them lead to the same place, but one can never know."
DragonRider3 said Aug 13, 2011 11:16:14
"One thousand years later, or sooner. I have all eternity ahead if I survive next year. Any time we meet again will be pleasant for me, and star shall shine on the hour of our again meeting! "

Now elf was the one that looked at Mirach gently:
" Fate is not to be denied. " he grinned, as they came to this part of the talk he had more knowledge of " Specially when you take a look at your fate in The Book itself. There are seven possible path ends of the road I'm on now, and only one is leading me to life. Pretty hopeless to me... But.. I promise you that I'll go back to you. And I never brake my promises. Well.. " he smiled ironically " If I never appear again, it only means I'm dead ".
Mirach said Aug 13, 2011 11:23:13
Mirach frowned slightly. "It is not good to read your own fate. I don't understand such thing could even happen, but I guess it can't be taken back. But I will tell you something - the act of reading it itself could have created new paths, some entirely different, to unknown ends, and the old paths could have shifted. Fate is a living thing, and it can surprise you even if you think you know it. I will await you..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 13, 2011 11:27:49
For some reason, touched in deepest part of his heart, without any will to debate, somehow knowing Mirach's words<i> must</i> be truth, he stand up, while fire of determination was flowing in his glare:

"I will came back. "

And he said only one sentence more, while he gently stepped closer, leaning slightly toward one of the noblest humans he ever met:
"I swear by the sea and stars I'll came back!"
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Mirach said Aug 13, 2011 11:57:46
Mirach smiled at him. "Just remember to not be too late if you come after 1000 years. I am not an elf but a mortal... Now go to meet your fate - I trust your promise that you will return. And while you are near the river, nothing bad can happen to yuo, and you will always find enough food."
DragonRider3 said Aug 13, 2011 17:48:34
Liron ginned "I will keep that in mind, my friend! Both, to be precise".
And while new bright stars were born at the horizon, he, for first time in his life, was out of words. For words had been needed no more.
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