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Liron and Svarik meadow 1

posted Aug 15, 2011 09:25:38 by Mirach
After the meeting with Mirach, Liron followed the river out of the forest, until it came to a meadow. It was bathed in sunlight, and bees hummed their song as they gathered the sweet nectar from flowers. The scent of honey was in the air.

( Summary: Svarik's and Liron's meeting, tricks for children, Liron gifted ring to Svarik, sleeping under big tree, soldiers capturing Liron, Liron continue way not knowing Svarik is captured, Svarik escapes and manages to call Liron with a ring; Liron brakes mark of burning sun on his hand to reach his friend, and comes to save Svarik. Manages to heal him.
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DragonRider3 said Aug 15, 2011 21:25:00
Liron always loved bees, they were reminding him of naughty honey stealing he used to do as a child. He whispered some elvish melody, and one bee came to his finger. Carefully scratching its neck with lot of care, he whispered kind words to her. Smiling slightly and looking his new beautiful yellow-black friend, he finally asked:

" My little sweetie, do you, by chance, sow Meadow King somewhere around? You live here, you surely had chance to meet him? No?
Don't be worried, my love, it's not that bad. It just seems I'll have to take chances myself. Still, it would be nice if you ask your friends, they might know to help me, would you? Thank you, little one! "

Instead to continue his search for Svarik, he continue playing with little bee like the child is playing with the kitten. Lot of people he knew would signed now, seeing him acting like an over-gtown elfling. But he simple couldn't help it not to enjoy this little light he received today, while he smiled with joy on little creature of the earth, and watching the bright sun that was smiling at them both - if it was both - from the sky...
Mirach said Aug 16, 2011 10:15:36
More and more bees circled around him, looking pleased by his play and sond. The melody if their buzzing grew louder and louder, creating patterns and melodies. They were strangely hypnoticing, and after a while, Liron felt he cannot think clearly anymore. He had to dance with the bees, and there was joy in that danye, but also a great wisdom, the presence of something more than the individual bees. He could feel the mind of the beehive, ancient and wise.
DragonRider3 said Aug 16, 2011 17:20:50
Elf was amused and flattered with attention these lightly peaces of life were giving to him, and individually and as a part of the great union of souls. He never felt this way before. On every his cheerful move, bees were answering like he would answer on sounds of the lute; to him, it was simple harmony with their both wills and lives.

If he knew better he would find true wonder in it, therefore ancient magic that was blooming in little creatures was accepting his spirit and enjoying bright magic he was, after positive thinking and his hopes restored, indeed full of...
Mirach said Aug 16, 2011 18:36:03
The song of the bees was touching his mind, and there were pictures in it - bright, and in strange colours. The flowers that were usually white has strange violet patterns, and the snow on the peaks of distant mountains shone with violet as well. There were pictures of the past, changing quickly - a grim man, walking through a mountain pass. Blood was on his hands... A grave in the grass near a clear lake, with a bouquet of blueberries on it. Four figures walking after the man, three boys and one girl. Then a mighty bull, an emperor's crown. Blood on the swords...

He could feel a sharp intake of breath somewhere nearby when the sword came into the picture, and the bees stopped their song, as if someone would ask it from them.
DragonRider3 said Aug 17, 2011 07:27:00
He stop his dance, shocked by everything he sow. Feeling that's all their wish was to share, bees continue on their way to collect honey.
Only one bee remain, and elf could swear she looked at him as she was expecting something.

" Thank you for these memories, my lovely friend... I'm sure I could put them in.. some use.. " breathing hardly he whispered, as the bee cheerfully flied away, leaving Liron in dark thoughts looking at the ground in front of him. In his uncleared mind, thoughts he had at one moment were able to came out of his lips: " . Emperor's crown..But.. Mirach told there's no current emperor... "
and only one thought came after it, obviously wondering:


And one more, slowly shaping his mind, while he decided to take a look around:

Mirach said Aug 17, 2011 09:35:27
He saw a man with hair of the color of ripe corn and blue eyes. "I'm sorry for that," he said quietly. "They are the voice of the meadows, but their memories are different than human's. They do not discern a good and bad memory, they gather them all like the nectar from flowers... "
DragonRider3 said Aug 17, 2011 10:07:29
" And I was always sure" Liron forced to smile to low the tension " that all honey is sweet. "
Since it didn't seems to be enough for this person, he whispered:

"It's all right... I think I am the one that has to apologize for disturbing them; I'm sure they wouldn't show me that if I didn't ask. I will be more careful next time.. " And he slowly added, slightly blushing " I'm sure you sow me dancing and all.. Please, don't get it wrong, I was just having some fun with them, I love everything that is pure and shines with magic of life. Every single flower brings joy to my heart.. "
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Mirach said Aug 17, 2011 12:24:01
A smile appeared in the man's eyes. "Those memories ruined your fun, didn't they?" he asked with a shade of regret. "But maybe we can make up for that..." his eyes sparkled, and he took out a flute. He began to play a merry tune, and as he played, he seemed to be pulled by his own rhythm - first he moved just slightly, tapping his foot, but then he began to dance across the meadow, and the bees whirled around him.
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DragonRider3 said Aug 18, 2011 10:40:43
At first, this scene seemed a little private, and Liron said to himself that he won't run into it like he usually runs into everything nice and beautiful. But just few moments after he realized he can't resist the melody that was calling for him, and unobtrusively, he joined the dance, and very soon they both from distance looked like tapes of light, around which circle of bees lightfuly played.

But soon Liron felt more freedom, and as beautiful music was almost calling for lyrics, he started singing, improvising text with the current melody, while person, he was now completely sure that is indeed Meadow king, also tried to fit melody with lyrics:

"You´re better then the best
I´m lucky just to linger in your life
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh you make me smile.... " :

(OOC It's not really flute, but I tried to find cheerful thing, but jet similar to contest.. And this one was so similar to version in my head for "Svarik and Liron concert " :D Well, this is part when imagination works :D )
Mirach said Aug 18, 2011 11:59:14
Finally the music stopped in a hearthy laughter, and the man made one more pirouette, and stopped as well, breathing hard. "Not many people can sing and dance so freely, my friend", he said kindly. "I'm glad I met you today... or have you been looking for me?"

(OOC Nice concert! :D)
DragonRider3 said Aug 18, 2011 12:33:59
Elf smiled deeply breathing in the same time. He needed couple of seconds to respond with bright smile:
" I can do this all the day" - even if deep breaths were obviously telling different.

And the same moment he realize it's not very polite to say so, so he added, trying to hide blushing:
" You play flute amazingly well. Till now I never found any human that could combine lyrics I make with melodies so well. Expect my friend Mirach, maybe, I'm sure she would also do it well. My heart sings to meet you, Svarik, King of The Meadow, to who I assume I have the honor to speak with. " And he bowed deeply, touching the ground with his right hand, like he used to every time he meet so kind, open-minded person as the one before him was.

A wide grin very soon appear on the face of an elf, braking the court atmosphere.
" And as for meeting or looking for, I am not sure how to answer well. Let's say that my friend spoke very kindly of you, and since in this realm that is not mine I had no lot of opportunities to speak with good people, my heart longed to meet you. She said you help the people in need, so I'm sure you won't decline a wish for talk from one very talkative elf who appreciates company? I would be honored if you agree so. "

Placing the most harmless look on his face, Liron waited to see what Svarik would say, slightly fearing of denial..
Mirach said Aug 18, 2011 13:13:30
"Yes, I am really Svarik, although not many people know my real name. To most I am just the Meadow King, eiher a fool, or a legend..." he laughed again, then made a wide-sweeping gesture. "Welcome to my court! Healing for bruises or for soul, listening or talking, that all you can find here, and I am your host. But first tell me, how did you meet Mirach? I've heard much about her from... a friend... but I've never met her myself, and now it seems to be too late for it..."

(OOC Here is Svarik's song:
It's actually this song that inspired the character. Maybe you will understand something, it's in Czech. Or you can try google translate, the text is:

Přišel k nám bosý
jak chodí luční král
a my šli za ním v houfu
celou dědinou
pak ztichli kosi
když písničky nám hrál
a hrál nám samou hezkou
a ne jedinou

Kde bydlel nevím
snad v trávě louky spal
a starý strom mu hlídal jeho sen
nevím co jídal
snad to co právě měl
a rozdával nám med od lesních včel

Byl to prý blázen
kdoví kde se tu vzal
to tvrdil nám snad každý
kdo byl dospělý
my se jim smáli
vždyť on byl luční král
a pořád se jen smál
byl vždycky veselý

Učil nás zpívat
jak zpívá zrána les
jak zpívá tráva v slunci poledním
učil nás vnímat
jak večer voní vřes
byl jedním z nás a proto jsme šli s ním

Přešlo pár roků
a píseň dětských let
mi tichla až mi jednou
v dálce dozněla
luční král zmizel
a s ním i jeho svět
kam šel mi děti neřeknou
jsem dospělá
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DragonRider3 said Aug 18, 2011 19:23:07
"If I considered you a fool, why would I bother to seek for you? " elf grinned " Trust me, if you haven't appear now, I would most probably spend next 50 years seeking for you. I can't do nothing against it, it's just a stubbornness I derived from my father. "

Relaxed by Svarik's good will, ( and remembering what Mirach would say on his long tongue ) Liron continue talk with answering on Svarik's questions:
" I know this will most probably sound foolish, but I met Mirach tree days ago, in the forest. I know why you probably think it is too late for meeting her, but I'm not sure about that. You see, there is a river in the forest, and at the source of it Mirach said she will sleep for next thousand years. But she explained me, that even if she sleeps, she can dream... As you can see I befriended her on rather unusual way, while she was dreaming. " Liron played with nearby yellow flowers. He could sense it was a bit dry, and he pushed a little magic out of his body to make it fresher, like it's the only problem he had in the whole world. " She is one remarkable person. Izmir was lucky to know her, and I'm sure you would be too. Such a pure soul... " And slight smile on his face was when he remembered: " You know, when we met, she called me frog prince".
Mirach said Aug 18, 2011 19:43:50
Svarik laughed. "Frog prince? Let me guess.. didn't you by chance fall into said river? You were really lucky. There are songs and legends about the Singing river, but it is really hard to find it. But, on the other side, it's really hard to find me as well, if I don't want to be found. And maybe I am a bit of both - a king and a fool." A bee came to the flower that Liron revived, and Svarik smiled gently, but a little sadly. "Ah yes... Izmir knew her. So she told you about him? He was a remarkable person as well, and I was lucky to know him. Really lucky..."

Song translation:

He came to us barefoot
as the Meadow King walks
and we went after him in a crowd
through the whole village
Then the thrushes grew quiet
as he played his songs,
and all of them were nice,
and many of them

Where he lived, I don't know
maybe he slept in the grass of the meadow
and an old tree guarded his dream
I don't know what he used to eat,
maybe that, what he just had,
and he gave us honey from the forest bees.

He was said to be a fool,
who knows where he came from
- that claimed to us
every adult
But we laughet at them
- he was the Meadow King
and he always laughed
he was always merry

He taught us to sing
like the forest sings in the morning
like the grass in the sun of noon
He taught us to perceive
the scent of heath in the evening
He was one of us and so we went with him

A few years passed
and the song of childhood years
quieted until it once
died away in the distance
The Meadow King vanished
and his world with him
where he went the childern won't tell me
- I am adult
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DragonRider3 said Aug 18, 2011 20:10:12
"Well " Liron felt his face became red the same moment " no one said I fall.. That river appeared out of nowhere... I just...

Yes, I remember, she did called it Singing river. But no matter how hard it needs to be found, I promised Mirach I will came to visit her again, in 1000 years or before, and I'll do it.."

Liron recognized bee he met first, and he touched her slightly. She seemed to love it, and he continue to cuddle her with his finger, talking with sad note in his voice:

" Yes, she told me about Izmir, but not much. She lost him, and I could feel she loved him so much, so I didn't insist. Mirach told me.. about your friendship with him while you was prince, and.. role it had in your survival when Emperor.. your father died.. And I indeed weep in my heart, for it's a great tragedy every time good person dies " Feeling slight sadness that was on Svarik face, he tried to change the subject to make the men more comfortable " Mirach's the one that told me your real name, and where to find you. And as for finding you.. I guess I could track you by magic, but that would took me many weeks, and I would not like you to think I hunt you down or I mean anything bad. "

And he smiled not, for he could almost sense that his new friend was still darkly thinking, and he felt sad himself for making his host feel that way.

( OOC Your translation is much better that mine, thank you for sharing lyrics with me! *cuddle* )
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