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Liron and Svarik meadow 2

posted Aug 29, 2011 21:31:54 by DragonRider3
Since this forum system is restricted with just maximum of 200 posts before upgrade ( which I'll not do :D ), we will cheat system up and continue rp here :D
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Mirach said Aug 29, 2011 21:40:13
Svarik needed a moment to take in everything that happened. Smiling seemed hard to him, but still Liron made him smile again. "So... you are telling me you have no food?" He did not really feel hungry - he was beyond that point already, as his body tried to cope with everything it has been through, and the fast healing - but his mind was telling him that it would be a good idea to eat something. Maybe he would not feel so weak then...

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DragonRider3 said Aug 29, 2011 21:56:47
" Well, I do have something, but it will be rather tasteless, sorry for that, I had to throw away as much as I could to come faster. Which would say we don't have weapon, too, but it's not such a waist when we have upgrade version of me."

He stood up not, but he started to check pockets and soon he took out some fabric with little bread and - what a surprise - a little piece of honey.

He extended his hand toward Svarik and explained:
" I kept it for these couple of days to tease you when you catch me up, but I think it's better for you to eat it now, to fell better " his face softened as he remembered " After all, our bee friends would be more than glad to share it with you,".

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Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 06:57:41
Svarik didn't move for a moment, looking at Liron. "You really missed the meals... because of keeping the last of your food for me?" he said quietly. It was not a question, but a statement, and in the same time Svarik knew he has to eat something to get some strength back. And so he sighed, and reached for the bread. "Thank you..." he whispered, and smiled a little when he smelled the honey. It reminded him on the bees, the fresh grass in the sun, and the flowers in the meadows. He found out he is really hungry... Despite that he ate slowly, because he didn't want to get sick and waste their only food.

After it, he felt much better, and started thinking and wondering about Liron's words. "Upgrade version of you? What does it mean, and how did you manage to find me?"

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DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 07:30:59
" Aaaa.." Liron said looking at the side, not allowing Svarik to catch his glare, already sorry for what he said before " Well.. As I said, I had to release full potential of my pressure to came... And it's for that.. I now can do bigger spells, including spells for defense and attack and.. " his voice faded.

It could be easily seen he tried to hide bad memories of the pain he's been trough, to not worry his friend more..
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Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 07:40:56
"...but there is a cost?" Svarik asked quietly, knowing that it's the way things usually are, and wondering what the cost for his friend was - or will be yet...
DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 07:46:55
Liron forced to smile, trying to sound confident:
" It's nothing to worry about.. I.. You needed me, and I *had to* came.. "
Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 07:51:31
Svarik sighed. "You are not telling me everything, but if it's your wish, I will not ask further. It is true that I needed you, like never before, and that yóu saved my life..."
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DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 07:55:36
" Someone wise once said to me * Some truths are hard to keep, but even harder to speak * " he smiled " Saying how I came isn't really on top 10 things of what I would love to share. And thanking me for your saving is not on top things I want to be thanked for, as there's no thanks among friends. Besides... "
He acted offended move, but his giggling betray him:
" I'm the one who's dying from curiosity! I knew I must not mess with your consciousness while you were sleeping, but this elf in front of you was really wandering how we came to this, specially after to you well known, I'll quote * "Don't worry, I'm far from here, but I'll find you when I can...*? "and his face became worried once again: " I'll not ask what happened if you don't wanna talk about it now. I'll rather ask " Who did this to you? "
For this time when he spoke, there was no longer smile on his face, but some expression that strangely reminded of wishing for payback.
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Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 08:28:34
Svarik awerted his face. "It's... hard to speak about as well... But I will tell you if you want it," he said quietly, but was silent a few moments after that, gathering his thoughts. When he finally spoke, it was clear it's difficult for him, but he did not stop. "It was... different this time. I knew the general... his name was Irnet, and... he captured me for a few times before. I always managed to escape, but... we had a chance to talk, and... he was not a bad man. Serving what he thought is right, and honourable... I hoped our talks... that they will change something. But now... he's dead. There is another general. He used a dark ritual to find me, and you and the girl were a distraction. He would not listen when I tried to talk to him... and it would be to no avail anywas. He is evil, and cruel..." he shivered at the memory, and his voice broke. He hid his face in his palms, and did not tell more.
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DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 09:33:46
Elf placed his hands on Svarik's shoulders, hoping to give little comfort with it. He knew this really was hard to speak about.

" So I feared..." he whispered gently " but don't worry, we will figure out something. I promise. That general *will* answer for what he done to you. If to no one else, then to me..."

Some time passed and no one spoke. Finally, when moon started to be little visible trough mist, elf concluded with warm tone:
" In meantime, we must not let anyone find out you escaped. I still have to get use to my regained spiritual pressure, and you right now look like even kitten could bear you down. "
And, mostly unexpected, or not, if we consider who done this, he brushed his friends hair, like he was a small child.
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Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 09:56:04
Svarik shivered slightly, for he remembered the last person that spoke to him in this tone.. that comforted him when the events threatened to crush down on him and break his spirit. That person was dead now, and for a moment that paralell brought a cold fear into his heart that he will lose Liron as well. "Now you remind me on Izmir so much..." he whispered, trying to hide his worry.
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DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 09:59:41
" That's a good thing, right?" elf smiled, for some reason looking Svarik in eyes, and than adding lightly " If he spoke like this, I bet he would right now also say " This elf is mind-reader, don't think darkly around him, or he'll find it out before you blink".
And then he also whispered with not worried tone:
" I'll be all right. My destiny is not to die. At least not by hand of a men. We will work this out together. Don't worry for me. "
Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 10:13:06
Svarik smiled through the tears that welled in his eyes, because that was really what Izmir would say, if he knew Liron. He took Liron's hand gently (subconsciously checking if it is really healed like the elf said), and smiled at him. "I believe you..." he whispered.
DragonRider3 said Aug 30, 2011 10:18:01
" I know.. For not more than that I wish for... " and he embraced his friend, the same way this one was doing for him not so long time ago, when Liron himself was not in the best mood. For people like this, Liron was thinking now, it really is worth to live and give your best..
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Mirach said Aug 30, 2011 10:27:51
Svarik was content to stay in the comforting embrace, that assured him that everything will be good again. But unavoidably, there was the question of the present, and they could not put it away any longer. "What will we do now?" he asked at a loss, for he didn't know where they are, they had no food, and Liron was right in that a kitten would cause him serious problems if some decided to attack. Luckily there were no furious kittens around, but the soldiers could return in any moment...
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