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posted Sep 07, 2011 17:31:02 by Mirach
I thought we'll need a thread to discuss where we want to head the plot of the RP, or just talk...
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DragonRider3 said Sep 07, 2011 17:43:35
All right. You talk first :)
Wait, I'l talk first, here's something to start with XD

What are you planing for general? Will we have to kill him? I vote for no, let's just kick him and make him miserable in front of people in his command. What would Svarik want?
Mirach said Sep 07, 2011 18:05:54
Svarik would agree fully. The difficulty is, that I imagined the general being a wizard that came from Liron's world as well, maybe a few years earlier, so he is quite powerful here - no wonder he managed to catch Svarik...
DragonRider3 said Sep 07, 2011 18:11:55
I suspected that. Liron have no clue. In time of this happening, Liron is among best wizards.. So we will have to find out about someone who's powerful enough to resist him... I could try to choose someone really strong, but still not sure when I'll came up with idea..Or better, you came up with it, and I'll polish it. General's your character, after all :D

Old lady Svitava told Liron that fort was built last year. What do you say that fort was started to built the same day Liron started his journey? Just making story more colorful.

And, I'm really curious, is Irnet dead, really, or just put to some dungeon to rut?
Mirach said Sep 07, 2011 18:30:41
I thought he could get to this world independently on Liron, and started to build the fortress first after getting some power in the army. And do you know all characters from your world? I certainly don't, so I thought there could be another wizard. His power was probably not so great back there, but it increased when he came into Svarik's world. So Liron doesn't have to know him.

And Irnet is really dead. But maybe he had a son?
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 06:29:49
Of course, I know not all, but I was thinking if he was among first 30, than Liron could know him, but when I think, it's better him not to know him at all.. I would need to change canon story to add him, so may he be unknown then.

Pity. It was worth trying. But I think he could have a son. After all, who don't want to have children to continue their line? :)
Will we add him in RP too somewhere?
Mirach said Sep 08, 2011 08:03:38
That's why I use to look at every RP like an alternative reality, and don't connect them to canon. I just take the characters as they are, and put them into new situations so that if I have to change the backstory, or if the character changes in the RP, it does not influence the canon story, only shows me more about him.

And we need to decide what to do now, then we can add the son...
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 08:42:50
I'll do that too..

We still need to escape the general's eyes, but if we make them running and skipping all the time, it will be quite boring.. Elf knows little about this place's geography, so I guess Svarik would need to came up with idea where next.. :(

And one more thing, what about captain that captured Liron? Will we meet him too?
Mirach said Sep 08, 2011 08:49:35
We can talk about the plans what to do in the RP, actually =)

I didn't find that captain an important character, there are many of such captains in the army. I didn't think about it, but we can meet him if you want
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 08:52:43
I hate word " if you want ". It always mean " I wouldn't like, but we can, if it will make you happy ". I asked, but if he's not important character, we don't *have to *make him important ;)

As for Liron's and Svarik's future plans.. I am not to sure. Are there any place in the land where archives are leading? Place where it is written down about things that happened, where they maybe could find out more about the general? Or are there any other Svarik's friends in army that could provide them with info? Or maybe, some part of the army that rebelled against new general for killing the saint animal of the land? Or or anything else? If it was my realm, I would came up with something, but I know very little about your, so I guess you could get the best idea *huggle and cross you fingers*
Mirach said Sep 08, 2011 09:18:24
No, it actally means "I really didn't think about it, but now that you mention it, I'll see if he doesn's fit somewhere by chance. Doubly so if Liron would like to make a fool of him as well. Does he?" :P

So ask Svarik these questions, and he will give some answers =)
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 09:29:22
" Oh.. I, in fact was thinking more about how general would punish the captain that let elf, that will prove to be dangerous for his plans, escape... " :P

All right, it seems Liron would have to ask after all.. Or he'll just read his thoughts :D
Mirach said Sep 08, 2011 09:51:36
Hmm... the general doesn't know yet that there is an elf involved. But he will recognize Liron from the captain's description, and realize that this might be more difficult than he thought...
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 09:54:19
Much more difficult indeed .. But not unbearably difficult.. After all, ( trying not to make this Mary Sue story) Liron is powerful, but you can't gain unlimited level of knowledge in little more than 1 century.. Is general an elf? Or vampire?
Mirach said Sep 08, 2011 09:59:20
The idea of him being a vampire is appealing... But I don't know much about your vampires. What would it mean, if he would be one?
DragonRider3 said Sep 08, 2011 10:44:56
If he would be one, he would need a cup of blood every week, for begging. He would have great body capability and speed, no need of sleep, unless if wounded. They have their own blood, but made from mix of blood their took from people before. They usually breath, but breathing is needed only for speaking, or when they are wounded. Their hearts in normal circumstances don't beat, but if they are injured, it does, and their body uses energy from blood they drank from victims to create more vampirish blood that will help their wounds heal really fast. Of course, then they would he thirsty, and needed to drink more... Only when they are wounded, they are sleeping, for then their body is busy with wish to heal. It's said they have no real essence/soul after turning, and all powers of wizards they might had are lost, for since that moment they live on borrowed energy they steal from others, but that opinion have no real proof, expect fact that when becoming a vampire wizard lose it's own pressure and do magic using pressure of surrounding, if he's capable of learning to do so. Usually, vampires are getting nervous when they need blood. When they are not thirsty, their eyes are like they used to be before they got turned, but as they became thirsty, their eyes color change to red. Vampires can eat normal food and drink water, but it is tasteless for them, and in their bodies makes little or no energy. They react differently on sunlight-while some of them can stand it well, lot of them can be really hurt if it contact their skin, and even die from burns it cause to them. In most of cases it depend on was someone changed willingly, or not. People that are changed to vampires willingly, have greater chances to react better on sun. It also depend on race; example, elves that are turned to vampires are almost in all cases not able to be killed by sun, for elven essence love and long for light. Drinking more blood that they need ( more that one cup ) will make them aggressive, but also more powerful and stronger... I think these are the most important things about them... And yes, they don't sparkle ;P

Most of vampires in my realm became vampires by turning, for there are only few, like Atermor, that were that from beginning. They are more powerful than usual vamps, and have their own spiritual pressure. And, like Atermor, they have red eyes always :)
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