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Liron and Svarik meadow 5

posted Oct 11, 2011 19:04:41 by Mirach
"Apple trees..." Svarik smiled, saying indeed what came to his mind first. "But that's because you spoke about them, and there is not much to tell about it. I can tell you about this country, however." He closed his eyes for a moment, and a slight smile was on his lips as he imagined the pictures he tried to describe to Liron then. "It's a country of sun. Apple trees blossoming in spring, and golden corn in autumn. And wide spaces of wild grass, where the horses can run free... You said magic contains of colours... Then gold is the colour of this country - like the corn, like honey, like sun."
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DragonRider3 said Oct 11, 2011 19:58:35
" I prefer saying bright like sun, than bright like gold " elven prince protested slightly "Not all that shine is gold, you know... "
But then he smiled, and his eyes shone with hunger for knowing new things:
" Please, continue. I want to know everything you can say. And pictures in your mind... They are really beautiful... It's completely clear you're wizard with potential, even alone from ability to imagine so colorful images... Tell me more... "
Mirach said Oct 11, 2011 20:20:33
"You don't listen," Svarik made an accusing face. "I didn't say gold, as the metal. The metal is too heavy anyways, it's not fitting to describe a country. I was speaking about golden colour, the coulour of sun, and honey. And your hair as well," he smiled slightly. "And I really prefer singing to speaking - I just feel the words can't do those pictures justice..."
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DragonRider3 said Oct 11, 2011 20:28:40
" Peace, Svarik, I was just teasing... I thought you already got used for me to do that all the time... " elf smiled apologetically " If you can't speak, than sing. And don't worry about unfriendly glares - we are under cover spell for some fifteen minutes or so... And also slight affect on fabric to mask noise in radius of 20 meters... Just keep talking, singing, or whispering, I am even what you will choose... "
Mirach said Oct 11, 2011 20:39:01
Svarik shook his head. "Cover spell? If you cast it just for me to sing, then how can I refuse? It's so much easier, you know... Because the country is not like words, it's like a song, alive and ever changing melody." He started to sing quietly, a song about the green meadows, and apple trees in blossom, about the rain and wind, the green of the fields turning to gold, the apples reaping, horses running freely in the vaste plains as the grass moved in the wind..." He stopped only when he sensed the cover spell weakening.
DragonRider3 said Oct 12, 2011 12:59:33
All the time Svarik sang, elf was quiet. Song was really beautiful, and, like most of elves, he always enjoyed listening any kind of music... Melody was still lingering in his ears when Svarik silenced, and elf smiled little bitterly to himself, somehow between the lines understanding why his friend stop singing. But he could not find will to say anything, neither to tease him, neither to say how for a human wizard he really fast started distinguishing intensity of spells, as if not wanting to brake the comfortable silence that was covering the wet air... Judging to time they spend till now, it was somewhen near the sunrise....
Mirach said Oct 12, 2011 13:24:28
As the song ended before he could sing about everything that was in his mind, Svarik felt the need to continue by talking quietly, after he assured that there is noone nearby. "Then there is the river. We will soo it soon, as the marches are created by one of its dead branches. The City of Heroes lies upon its shores, further down the stream. The city is actually beautiful, but looks a bit neglected. It's because the nation that lives in this country now, didn't build it. Or rather, built and forgot, but that is a history long past. It's said that our ancestors built the city in the times of glory, before they were driven out by the Lords of the Sky - a warrior nation who brought horses into the plains. Our ancestors had to retreat to the mountains, and much of the knowledge was lost in the exile. After centuries, they reurned and defeated the Lords of the Skies, but... they were different, changed. They started to worship the Bull, because it's said that the blood bond with a wild auroch gave the first elmeror strength to defeat his enemies."
DragonRider3 said Oct 12, 2011 13:53:50
" And now that blood bond is only giving us a serious headache... " elf said quietly, leaning on his hands as thinking deeply, and adding little hesitantly " That story about history or your people is very interesting... But.. Don't get me wrong, please... I really like *you*... But all these emperors before you... I don't really have that nice first impressions about them... I am sorry... I don't know what to say and not to sound offensively... I, personally, first to say, would rather stay peacefully in mountain, than fight for something that happened centuries before my birth " strange smile slip corners of his lips, but it vanished quickly " And it's wrong to worship one being, no matter how beautiful or powerful it may be; to be in harmony with nature, you need to respect all parts of it, and to worship only one life we all share... "
Mirach said Oct 12, 2011 14:09:22
"Actually, you are right..." Svarik smiled slightly, but it was a sad smile. I don't know much about what happened a few years ago in the mountains, I guess Mirach could tell you more when you meet her again. I only heard rumors... about a curse, and a powerful being of shadow that entered the Emperor when the blood was shed. It's called a Thief - thief of souls... It controlled the emperors for generations. That's why the new emperor had to be chosen in bloodshed. Blood enabled the Thief to posess him..." He shuddered. "I'm just glad I avoided such a fate..."
DragonRider3 said Oct 12, 2011 14:25:10
" A Thief... " elf whispered somehow absently " Twisted spirit created of negative magic that is entering body and controlling its soul with marking someone's essence with his own... By entering their mind, with power of mind suggestion, while Gates made with bloodshed are open? "
Mirach said Oct 12, 2011 14:37:24
"Yes, something like that, I guess..." Svarik nodded.
DragonRider3 said Oct 12, 2011 14:54:33
" Than... I know what it is.. " elf added gloomily " We call it not Thief, but Taker... And I thought... In " History of Vormundel ", book six, chapter five, paragraph seven " elf's look was wandering, like he's remembering " It was written that after freezing of power of Nibelung ring there was not enough... Consciousness in shadows between realms for Takers to *be*... But it seems... Or it's not true, or this one was old, almost ancient, to say... In my realm, all of them... Were found during the next age after freezing power of the ring, and locked away... They are to dangerous for the rightful order of things... "
Mirach said Oct 12, 2011 14:58:02
Liron could only agree with that. "I heard that deafeating it cost much - to Mirach, and others I don't know, but still they have my deepest gratitude and respect..."
DragonRider3 said Oct 12, 2011 15:13:39
"Elf seemed to think about something really close to him, before he whispered:

" When I asked Mirach, if she had to chose, would she do the right thing, even if it would scar her for the whole eternity, and best option is no one ever to find out what sacrifice she made, or would she walk away, she said *she already did it*. She said she will have to sleep for thousand of years, and to woke in changed world with no friends... " It seemed he was really hard to speak this out... " Even for me it would be hard to destroy it, and in my realm it is not said precisely how it can be done... Takers were simply locked, for knowledge of killing them was lost to us... Mirach haves my deepest respect too... And gratitude... For if she didn't do it.. Knowing myself.. Well, I couldn't ignore that... "
Mirach said Oct 12, 2011 16:56:54
"So... if things would happen differently, and the Thief would take me... would you kill me?" Svarik asked suddenly.
DragonRider3 said Oct 13, 2011 06:41:45
" *If* is a dangerous game, Svarik... " elf frown, and while he spoke firmly and emotionlessly, there was cold determination, and it seemed something much older and much ancient than him spoke using his lips " Takers are too dangerous, and their acts bring to much pain and harm to all, and I wouldn't want that to continue, and let women being raped just for the sake of you and your children to fight each other just for the sake of the throne... I would try to avoid doing it... But If I couldn't part the Taker from you by using bloodshed and mind suggestion... Even if you would be my friend before... " he stopped for a second, but his voice didn't even tremble " I would have obligation to our both worlds to do all I can. I would do what I must do... In limits of what Fate wants of me to do... And I would kill you instantly... "
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