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Liron and Svarik meadow 6

posted Oct 27, 2011 14:56:52 by DragonRider3
Meeting with Irden, a night in the inn, selling of horses, an upgraded ring and trying of spells
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Mirach said Oct 27, 2011 16:52:12
They left the horses bound outside, and entered the dimly lit room, looking for the innkeeper.

(OOC: he can be in a good mood, if he wants =) I still need to figure out how to find Irnet's son, and what to do when we find him...)
DragonRider3 said Oct 27, 2011 19:39:35
Soon they were able to discern some tall figure, serving some eight to ten people all around the inn in the same time, and while doing that also having a live, jet not loud conversation with his guests. He looked not too old, but not to young; his clothes showed he's not too wealthy, jet, not poor; more likely it could be said he was living humbly for his choice, not for not being able to live better; one of these persons that are patiently saving for old days, and find happiness in working and talking. Somehow they noticed he had blue eyes, that looked unusual on his dark bearded face and middle long dark hair. And he was just telling some boy, his son, maybe, to bring more beer at table three, when he sow two companions that just got in, and raised his eyebrow, as if waiting for them to introduce themselves.

( OOC: We will have to figure out something... Maybe innkeeper knows something? In my realm, they can be quite well informed. We only need to decide where he is... )
Mirach said Oct 27, 2011 21:54:08
"Good evening!" Svarik greeted him. "We are travelers from the country, looking for some luck in the city."
DragonRider3 said Oct 28, 2011 07:39:49
" And may luck be what you will find! But don't expect too much, luck seems like visiting some other places at the moment... " smile played on innkeepers lips, and he bowed lightly in their direction, before he started collecting empty glasses from some table, but from corner of the eye, more carefully estimating his new guests. After couple of seconds he asked curiously: "How can I be on your service?"
Mirach said Oct 28, 2011 09:32:06
Svarik smiled sadly. "You see... we came on horses to the city. They are everything we have, but money is of more use in the city than horses. We would like to sell them... to someone who would care for them well. Could you give us an advice in that?"
DragonRider3 said Oct 28, 2011 09:50:50
" I see... " man nodded thoughtfully jet quietly, not raising head from glasses " There are not many people in this part of the city that would need horses, as you said, they are of better use in travelings, than in city like this one. Depending on how these horses worth, however, you might be able to find acceptably good owners... My advice, avoid selling them to people of impact, soldiers, guards and traders loyal to Empire... Dark things are going on these days, and guards are searching the quarters, for some reason " he gave them a short conspiratorial look under the eyebrows, but only them two, that were close enough, could notice it " If dealing with government at this moment, you might get in troubles... Whoever you are, sir... "
Mirach said Oct 28, 2011 18:36:43
Svarik nodded slowly, exchanging a look with Liron. "Thank you for the advice, I will remember it. Could we leave the horses in your stable until we find a buyer for them? We can't pay for the care about them now, but we will repay the debt after we get the money for them..."
DragonRider3 said Oct 28, 2011 19:14:57
" Fair deal... They can stay in my stable, and you can pay for caring after selling them, of course. I assure you they will be taken a good care of. " Innkeeper nodded after few seconds of thinking, and then he finally turned his full look to them, and considered something, as handing a glasses to a boy, without doubt his son, in same time " It's already late. Where are you planing on spending the night? "
Mirach said Oct 28, 2011 19:30:30
"Thank you," Svarik nodded, and hesitated for a moment, as the image of a hot meal and bed tempted his weary mind and body. "We would very much like to spend the night somewhere inside, but there is no time," he sighed. "We need to find somebody, before it's too late. Do you know if there is a place in the city where a boy without parents would be taken?"

(OOC: there is an orphanage)
DragonRider3 said Oct 28, 2011 21:45:35
" A boy without parents? " smile escaped lips of innkeeper " What a funny idea... But yes, there is an orphanage not far from here. I suppose there's not closing time for them... What to do, times are not the best... " then he bit his lip with slight sad expression, as if coming closer to handshake with two of them " I would offered you a sleep for a night and a diner, but it seems " his voice turned to whisper " These annoying guards are going to research all inns in city, and finding two... Travelers here... That could seriously destroy my reputation, not to mention my lovely inn.. I hope I helped you little, though..."
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Mirach said Oct 28, 2011 21:52:15
"Of course," Svarik smiled a little tiredly, hoping that they will find the boy there, because otherwise he had no idea where to look. "Thank you for everything. Maybe we will soon return with coin, and your reputation will be safe. Until then, good bye."
DragonRider3 said Oct 28, 2011 22:07:00
Innkeeper nodded " Goodbye till then ", and extended a hand toward Liron as well.
" May peace be upon you, good sir " elf whispered shy as handshaking with this kind person, he started to be quite fond of.
He just nodded, and then looked at his son that returned from the kitchen, and with no words but gaze ask him to come. And when boy did it, he said to him: " These two people's horses will stay at our stales for some time. Take them there, and then call that lazy brother of yours to take some care of them, will you? "
" Yes, father, " boy replied seriously considering the task he was given. And just like he have not 12, but 20 years, he asked firmly:
" Are you going to show me your horses, sir? "
Mirach said Oct 29, 2011 09:32:10
"Yes, they are waitiing outside. Come..." Svarik nodded once more to the innkeeper, and then led the boy to theor horses. "The mare is called Raindrop," he explained, brushing her mane affectionately. "And this is Lianel."
DragonRider3 said Oct 29, 2011 10:15:17
Boy seemed very amused with horses, and nodded lightly as taking them for reins and taking toward stall. Liron kept himself at the side, not wanting to be beside Linael more and make it harder for both of them. Horse seem to feel it, and his step wasn't as certain as before, but he continue going, for he knew elf was close... And when horses had been taken to stable comfortably, boy exclaimed " I go to call my brother now. It's been a pleasure."
And not waiting for answer, he skipped between them, with light footsteps, footsteps of a true child...
Mirach said Oct 29, 2011 17:42:37
When they were alone again, Svarik looked at Liron sadly, knowing it was a hard moment for both of them. "Let's find the orphanage..." he said quietly.
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