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Liron and Svarik meadow 7

posted Nov 28, 2011 09:32:34 by Mirach
Sum up: Liron and Svarik practise shiel spell. Then they talk about sadly-disapppriving-dissapointed look Svarik is giving to Liron, and elf makes mirror for Svarik to see himself into. Then Liron shows Irden and Svarik some memories of him and Svarik. Then Liron showed Svarik lighting ball spell, and Svarik by accident hit him wit it. While he's paralyzed, Irden is braiding his hair, and giving him make up, to make him sleeping beauty. Then there's talk between Liron and Svarik, Liron cries ( again :) ) Liron tells he is not really fond of himself, Svarik cries. Tall about crumpled paper; Liron calms, goes down, and brings them dinner and other stuff: then talking about kingship, and what needs to be changed in empire. Talk about Orphanage. Liron doing spell of white illusion on Svarik, then on Irden. Then doing ilusion of golden bird. Then they go to bed.
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Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 09:32:40
Svarik looked at him carefully. "You... have such a fear as well, don't you?" he asked quietly. But then he shook his head. "You will tell me about it when you think you should, right?" he sighed, and smiled gently. "Yes, there were the shield spells..."
DragonRider3 said Nov 28, 2011 09:53:00
" I will tell you... Some other time.. When we... Stop the general... Just... Not now... " elf whispered with hesitant tone as if he was deciding to move a mountain from one place to another... " It's just strange coincidence... "he bend his head " How two so similar people from *different realm* can meet... And why I see so much of me in you? "

After a deep sigh, he smiled shyly, and seemingly calm, started explaining, even if little to fast for a calm person:
" Shield spells... Are based upon our body and soul's need to protect ourselves. There is mental field of force around each of us. We let the ones that mean no harm cross it, by touching, hugs, patting and so on... And the ones that are not too good to us, we are not feeling comfortable with and mental field around us show that in tenseness or discomfort. It's a sign for other person to back off.
This spell I want to show is based on... Stronging mental force field with enough high level of magic that anyone who wanted to touch you with bad intention would feel that highly uncomfortable that they would instantly back off. They would not be harmed, this would just simply make them back off, and wake their need to run away from you. Like a fear, but not a fear, more like an... discomfort. As when you met someone you don't like, and wants to leave instantly. This way.... "
And Svarik could feel fastering of some vibrations around elf's body... It looked quite simple... Spell of third degree, words came to him... They sounded like his, but couldn't be... Jet, he felt they were his... It must be connection between him and elven prince...

( OOC: Good idea. I will do it for previous parts as well when I find time ;) )
Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 10:06:50
Svarik nodded with complete understanding, and didn't ask about that matter any further. Instead, he concentrated on the explanation about the shield spell. When the prince formed the shield around him, he smiled slighty. "And now what? It might be a bit difficult to demonstrate it here, as you know that I would never approach you with a bad intention or mean you any harm..."
DragonRider3 said Nov 28, 2011 10:22:24
" Hm... " elf stopped his spell, and shield around him was low as before again.
" You do it, and I will walk toward you and touch you to demonstrate... I will not harm you, but thinking harmful, even if not really comfortable for me... Is not impossible... I will do it just for the sake of demonstration. I don't want to let anything to case for.... In case you will need to use this in future, I need you to experience it once. And... "
Finding no way to explain, elf just added shortly " Just do it. "
Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 10:44:07
Svarik looked at him for a moment, and then nodded, spinning the spell around him and creating the shield. He wasn't sure if it would stop Liron, however - not even with a bad intention, as far as he controlled the spell.
DragonRider3 said Nov 28, 2011 12:21:29
Elf stepped closer, as Svarik for some reason had a feeling spell should work on stronger level than it is now; but elf indeed, even if it took him quite lot effort if judging by his face expression to think something harmful, when he tried to touch meadow king, reflexively pulled back his hand. Svarik could hear vibrations of his own body making movement of elf's hand stop.

But then, instead of giving up, after couple of seconds, Liron done something else; he made some mark with his hands, looking like he want to show something. Then he made a circle with his hand, and made a movement like he's pushing it in Svarik's direction; and Svarik's shield, after a good ten seconds of mental fighting, started to gradually low...
" This is contra-spell you do to brake shields. I can do it with you, for you're... Lower on wizardly scale than me. But also, you can do it to every wizard below your level... Not that you will need it too much, maybe not ta all, but it is good for practicing... And practice is always good..."
And Svarik's shield was indeed at its beginning state now...
Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 13:49:21
Svarik nodded slowly. "Do you think... the general has such a shield?"
DragonRider3 said Nov 28, 2011 19:52:42
" Maybe do, maybe not. It all depends on level of control he hold over his... Er... Desires... Every people have this shield, but are they able to raise him up,as wizards can,depends only on them. Any way, if he haves it, it's even better idea to try this... "
Then he went to other side of the room, and made a shield again, with practical words: " Try on little bigger distance... Same basic as I show, only needs little improvisations to reach me. Don't worry.. You have it within you... Knowledge to do it, I mean... "
Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 20:39:44
For a moment Svarik looked at a loss about what to do, because to try if he can counter the shield with a spell, he first needed the shield to work against him... Suddenly he laughed. "You know what?" he smirked at Liron. "I found out I *can* approach you with a harmful intention..." he made a deliberate pause, and then explained: "I can imagine to throw you into cold water when yo ucall me sleeping beauty again!"
DragonRider3 said Nov 28, 2011 20:54:37
Elf blinked innocently, but couldn't keep control over himself any more, and he burst out laughing... Looking completely cute and childish... It seemed impossible not to love him at this moment... How someone could not adore lightness of his laughter and positivness of his character...? How can someone not love light he was sharing...?

But his shield, because of too little concentration, lowed now...
Irden felt it not, only Svarik... And once again he was impressed by this good hearing of fibres....
And when Liron finally calmed down, he smiled really naughtily, and while building his shield again, he made a provocative hand gesture, as if he was calling for challenge " I am waiting, sleeping beauty! Show what you got! Just don't overestimate it, or you will be the one to end up in cold unfriendly water... "
Mirach said Nov 28, 2011 21:05:49
Svarik grinned, and approached him, imagining that scene cleary to see if the shield really works against how and how does it feel. Then he mad the movement with his hands just like Liron did before, and tried to get through the shield.
DragonRider3 said Nov 29, 2011 07:12:38
While elf was getting used to it, for a first second or too ( is everything this fast on level of magic, questionable words came to Svarik, again not completely his, but as answer of instinct he and Liron shared on subconscious level... ), it seemed to work quite fine... And Liron's shield indeed got lower, as a pressure of Svarik's shield was doing it... But then elf grinned, and real shield fighting begun... And Svarik needed to deeply concentrate to keep pace with Liron. Liron, on other hand didn't want to give his very best, not wanting to make Svarik feel inferior about this, even if it was natural for a wizard of his own level to beat beginner...

This way elf's shield was constantly going up and down, never at highest, never on lowest level... Some time passed, and elf got bored... But he knew not what to do now; if he overcomes Svarik's shield, he might make him feel bad, but if he let Svarik beat him, than Svarik will understand what he done... After two good minutes since they begun this elf asked:
" Are you getting bored, sleeping beauty? I know I am.... Maybe we should pass from this to lighting balls? It's quite good looking spell... Much more presentable..."
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Mirach said Nov 29, 2011 08:02:15
Svarik immediately let go of the - quite unrealistic now - intention to throw Liron into some river, and smiled at him. In that moment, with no harmful intention, Liron's shield couldn't hold him any longer, and he got through it and touched Liron's shoulder. "The only way I can win," he smiled innocently. "I know you are much stronger wizard, you didn't have to keep back. I just didn't want to stop, because I wasn't sure if *I* won't end in that water if I do."
DragonRider3 said Nov 29, 2011 08:17:48
Elf blushed like he's caught and added: " And I thought I done this * really clever* and you won't notice... But obviously I underestimated your common sense..." then he raised his eyes and smiled naughtily " I am tempted to call you by you know what name now, but since shield works not at this point, I don't want to risk ending up in a water, as well... "
He then looked at Svarik carefully " Is really only time you can have harmful thoughts toward me... When I call you sleeping beauty? I, in other hand, when was doing this, completely lively could as well imagine me high-fiving your royal face in case you messed something with magic as couple of days ago... " He winked jokingly, like he don't really mean what he's speaking, only enjoys teasing " I dare to say maybe I would even not regret it too much... "
Mirach said Nov 29, 2011 09:01:30
"Well..." Svarik thought for a moment. "Yes, I think. When you do something like that... overestimate your strength, or do not tell me you are hurt... I can't be really angry. Only worried..."
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