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Liron and Svarik meadow 8

posted Dec 17, 2011 10:44:30 by DragonRider3
Liron, Irden and Svarik left Orphanage, they went to visit Irden's house, there they found papers with Irnet's notes and all talks he ever had with Svarik. Svarik teaches elf to read his language, Irden finds his toy soldiers, Svarik plays sound tricks that confused the soldiers so they all could skip; elf tried to delete soldiers memories, and gets hurt while doing so; Svarik heals him; they talk about healing spell that reminds Svarik of Mirach and Izmir and about how much magic hey have left; they go to find a potter; they came to potter's city part
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Mirach said Dec 18, 2011 10:01:04
Someone knocked on the door vigorously in the middle of the night.
DragonRider3 said Dec 18, 2011 10:19:29
Elf raised his head alerted, but he opened not jet. He came closer to door and asked with caution : " Who?"
Mirach said Dec 18, 2011 13:14:28
"It's me!" he didn't state the name but the voice belonged to one of the innkeeper's boys. "The soldiers are downstairs! They are still looking for you!"
DragonRider3 said Dec 18, 2011 15:24:26
" Don't worry, boy, they will not find us here. If they ask, tell nothing... " elf whispered in the same time as slightly shaking Svarik and, without waiting for reaction, rapidly taking on his backpack and bow along with his pack of arrows. They must not allow to leave any clues...
Mirach said Dec 19, 2011 10:23:07
"All right! The back door is open. Hurry!" The boy ran away.

Svarik woke immediately, and looked at Liron. "Did they find us?" he asked in a whisper.
DragonRider3 said Dec 19, 2011 12:12:51
"No, I woke you up just to adore your company... " elf rolled his eyes and continue quietly but rapidly dressing up sleepy Irden, taking on his shirt with learnt movements. Jet, he still talked to Svarik, his words sounding mostly like orders " Get your backpack, set your bed so it looks like you slept not on it, and find the key. "
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Mirach said Dec 19, 2011 15:58:00
Svarik obeyed quickly, gathering their things from the room.
DragonRider3 said Dec 19, 2011 21:17:50
Once their things were collected and both beds set, elf stopped them, and raised his hand, as if he was thinking... Then, after a few seconds, he said: " Back door is open. But I would not risk all three of us to go, it might be noisy. " he addressed Svarik, and took the key from his hand:
" If I transfer you outside the inn, could you took on the cover spell on you and Irden, and *without* trying something presentable, wait for me to come through back door? I want to check do soldiers really know we are here, or just are still searching, so we can know can we return to the inn when they went some other place.... "
Mirach said Dec 19, 2011 21:38:30
"If you transfer us, you will be tired and risk the soldiers noticing you. "I can go with Irden under the cover, and you can check what the soldiers are doing, but carefully. We will wait you outside."
DragonRider3 said Dec 19, 2011 21:44:09
Elf shook his head as if not really liking what he hears, but not finding a good way to opposite it. Then he nodded, and slowly locked and opened the door.
Mirach said Dec 19, 2011 21:57:15
Svarik nodded to him, and took Irden's hand. Then he summoned the cover around them, and headed to the back door, as quite as a light breeze in the meadow.
DragonRider3 said Dec 19, 2011 22:22:30
In same time, elf headed in different direction, toward main room of the inn.
Mirach said Dec 20, 2011 08:47:54
He could hear the voices of the soldiers, speaking with the innkeeper.
DragonRider3 said Dec 20, 2011 11:47:11
He took on his cover, and come closer, slightly leaning on the door, trying to distinguish words.
Mirach said Dec 20, 2011 18:26:46
"Yes, of course you can search the inn..." the innkeeper was saying. "But don't disturb the guests please. They pay for their rooms, you know... So try to be quiet."
"All right," the guard sighed. Apparently this debate was going on for a while already. "Now give us the keys from the rooms finally!"
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