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Liron and Svarik meadow 9

posted Jan 24, 2012 10:23:44 by Mirach
finding kids of potters, talking with them, Svarik playing a song of the battle of the White Pass, girl leading Liron and Svarik to her house to take the book, Liron taling with girl's mother, they got the book; Liron talking with Svarik about their friendship, crying a little; Liron fighting with kids with mud balls, acting a dragon in their war; Svarik playing them music while they fight; after fight Svarik gets dirty by Liron; they all wash themselves in a pond; then they reached the castle.
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DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 10:34:24
" Sometimes, indeed " elf smirked, not going to give up so easily at all: " But most of the time, they will simply do what they consider the best, so they can give a good example to the younger kids... "
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 11:13:52
"I just like cooperation more than some... testing. I don't have good memories about testing..." Svarik said quietly, but then concentrated on the matter at hand, as if nothing happened. "And if we ask all potters, there is a big chance that the soldiers will find out. Maybe we could ask the children. They know surprisingly much sometimes..."
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DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 11:57:52
Liron looked at his carefully, but he said nothing on Svarik's fins comment.
"Yes, they do know a lot..." he smiled drily " So... Should we find some kids?"
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 12:10:32
Svarik smiled, remembering the two children in the day when they firts met. "That would be nice, wouldn't it? Irden can show us where they use to play, don't you?" he turned to Irden.

"Alright," Irden replied seriously. "But I'm not borrowing them my soldiers."
DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 12:23:49
One more smile escaped prince's lips, but he nodded gently: " No one will make you give your toys to them if you don't want to do that, Irden, I promise you. Now " he added warmly " when we agreed on that matter, could you lead us to find these children, my boy? "
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 12:36:43
"Yes, I think they will be near the clay holes. A good place for playing, there is..." he grinned, "... and for getting dirty."
DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 12:38:45
" Good we are not afraid of dirt. " elf grinned back and followed.
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 13:18:33
Irden led them through away from the street and through a hole in a fence that he apparently knew well. There they were - children playing with the clay. Apparently there was a kind of clay war going on, althogh nobody could exactly discern the sides. There seemed to be two leaders, though - a freckled boy in torn pants and a girl with missing tooth and very messy hair in a ponytail.
DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 13:25:51
"Suddenly... I am not so sure I am not afraid of getting dirty.... " elf whispered to Svarik, bu then he asked out loud, with a merit childish note in his voice " So, who's winning? "
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 13:33:50
The children noticed the intrusion, and the game stopped suddenly. The boy crossed his armes on his chest. "Why do you care?" he frowned, looking like a true war leader.
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DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 15:24:18
" I am sorry... I didn't want to stop your war " elf said sadly, his voice sounding very sincere. He leaned at the side of the boy who was speaking, and smiled trustfully " You must forgive me, I am rather playful type of person, and your game seemed really fun to me. "
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 15:30:54
"It was not fun. It was the battle in the White pass, and we have almost defeated the Highlanders before you came," the boy frowned even more.

"Why do we always have to play the Highlanders?" a smaller and quite dirty boy objected from the crowd.
DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 15:47:23
Elf raised his eyebrow, trying to look not as he's not understanding, but as he's digesting information. Then he knelt, and took a little mud in his hands, touching the earth on very lovable and hail-fellow way. "When I was a kid, we weren't playing the Battle of the White Pass. " he explained while slowly making a mud ball, with obvious experience " We were rather keen to part into two groups and fight our own battles, trying to create situations and cause battles and win wars never fought before, wanting the glory which even the mightiest warriors would envy... And if I recall, groups had to be equally strong. Victory is not a victory if one force is stronger than the other. " he smiled benignly, objecting, not threatening " Take example, if I played with the Highlanders, do you think you would win so easily? "
Mirach said Jan 24, 2012 15:59:05
The boy looked at Liron evaluatingly. "I think we would win."The Lowlanders won even against the Ar-Venui."

Svarik nodded a little sadly. "They did... And I had a friend who was trained by one the only Ar-Venui that survived the battle..."

The boy's eyes went wide at that.
DragonRider3 said Jan 24, 2012 16:09:26
Liron smiled, in smile wrapping his confusion with big doze of new words. He addressed the boy:
" You will have to ask the big * I know lot of people* guy to find out more about it, telling stories is what *he* does the best. " he pointed at Svarik, and then chucked " But, to tell you honestly, he's very stingy when I ask him to tell me any interesting one, so I always have to bribe him with carrying big books instead of him! "
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