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Liron and Svarik meadow 10

posted Feb 04, 2012 20:06:13 by DragonRider3
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Mirach said Feb 04, 2012 22:53:36
*I do not mean the climbing...* Svarik thought with a slight worry. *I mean what we might find inside...*

(OOC I guess they did, there was no reason to leave them there... And wow! It's very cold here, but no snow, it feels a bit unfair, lol)
[Last edited Feb 05, 2012 11:44:13]
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 12:22:55
* But leaving him alone? Isn't that far more dangerous?" Liron raised his eyebrow in worry.

(OOC: I can't believe you don't have snow! (I kind of expected that, if we have this much snow, you will have twice as much XD ) Lol, but you don't have.... What to say, world's not fair, live with it :D )
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 14:15:06
*Now I'm not that sure... It's difficult to guess what is more dangerous. I just... don't have a good feeling from this.* Svarik sighed.

(OOC: There is snow in the north of Slovakia, but not a snowflake in Bratislava, which feels strange with temperatures around -10°C)
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 15:26:08
Liron was quiet for a second... But then, he looked like he decided something *You want to hear my opinion? * his thought echoed Svarik's mind *I say you should let me go check things out, while you stay here and watch over Irden.... And use ring to call me if something happens... So... Can I go? *

(OOC: Uh.. Sounds so cold.... *fear*
And completely unfair considering there's no snow and it's so cold..
We temporary have around -1, but lot of snow... Really lot of it *stares at 70 cm of snow outside * )
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 15:36:52
*No,* Svarik thought resolutely. *Nobody of us will go there alone. Rather than that, I would take Irden with us...*

(OOC: in the north it's even colder, -14 in my hometown right now. But the sky is clear, so snow can't fall...)
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 15:44:25
* But I am not in any real danger. * elf thought equally resolutely *I "can" take care of myself. I was dealing with vampires for more than half of my life. My best friend is a vampire, in fact. If I got attacked, I know spells to defend myself... If I got hurt, I am pretty sure I would somehow crawl back to you... I think I even have more chances alone than with you and Irden I would have to protect... If I got bitten, I won't turn into vampire.. Because it would not be my first time to be... * he looked little puzzled *Why I should not go? *
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 15:51:09
Svarik had no logical arguments, but he looked quite unhappy about that arrangement, and very hesiatant to separate from Liron and let him go alone.
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 15:59:53
Liron, however, waited for a while. When he looked like he had enough of waiting, he simply asked with a puzzled, slightly curious, voice * What is that you fear of? * he smiled druly, as he remembered what he asked meadow king the morning after they spend night at big tree, the day after they met * Dark dreams or dark thoughts? A dark foreboding, maybe? *
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 16:19:43
"Maybe..." Svarik whispered, biting his lip as he looked up to the palace walls.
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 16:28:40
"So what do you expect me to do? To just stay and do nothing? Please, just tell me.... " elf whispered as well, with worried tone now, reminding Svarik on their first parting " When I told you that day it is better not to part, you said we should part. And I obeyed. I laid my trust on you then, my king.. Tell me what you want me to do now... " he hung his head as in defeat " And I will do it.. Just.. Don't let your fear blind your judgment... That is only advice I can give you... But decision is up to you. "
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 16:52:00
"Fear? But which one? That uneasy feeling I have from the palace, or the one for you, for Irden? What I want... is to find another way. You have used many spells today, and there are many guards inside - much more than at Irnet's house, possibly even vampires. That's what makes me worried... Together we have more magic, if only a little."

(OOC: Because the explanation "it seems better for the plot" wouldn't do, would it? :D)
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 17:05:52
"If that's what you want. " Liron said, even if it seemed it was little over will " But I must say, if this castle don't have some backdoor beside this pretty big gate, and if you don't want all three of us to go, I already spent all good ideas for today.... "

( OOC: I guess it would not ;P )
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 17:21:09
"All right then," Svarik agreed. "We will go all three. Let's just be careful..."
DragonRider3 said Feb 05, 2012 17:27:21
" No, Svarik. We will go there and *seek* for a fastest way to get killed, just out of a hobby... " Liron muttered and rolled his eyes, but then asked like he said nothing on Svarik's last sentence: "Over walls? "
Mirach said Feb 05, 2012 17:34:15
"No, we dig a tunnel beneath them with a spoon..." Svarik replied to him in the same manner.
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