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Liron and Svarik meadow 11

posted Feb 15, 2012 13:45:53 by DragonRider3
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Mirach said Feb 15, 2012 13:52:55
With visible relief, Svarik let go of the spell. He was glad they didn't eat anything for the whole days now, as he fought the urge to vomit. *I hate to admit that, Liron... but we need to rest...* he thought. *But I don't want to leave Irden with the priests... What will we do?*
DragonRider3 said Feb 15, 2012 13:56:54
* What do you say about talking with them now? If I was them, I would freak out at me appearing out of nowhere... Maybe we freak them out enough for them to reconsider their behavior... And I think it would be rather fun... *
Mirach said Feb 15, 2012 14:00:22
*Remember they are priests who served the Thief in disguise. They will not freak out that easily...*
DragonRider3 said Feb 15, 2012 14:05:15
* All right* elf said, as taking their backpacks, and leaving behind Irden's toys, that were right beside them* We will take our things... When Irden sees they are taken, but not his toys, let's hope he will see trough it and not worry... As for us... We need to rest, you don't need to tell me about it, *I* am the one who slept not last night at all... So, I think we for now have to count on priests to take care of Irden, somehow I have feeling they will not fail at that.. That is close to anything we can do in state we are in... We will find Irden when we rest a little. *
Mirach said Feb 15, 2012 14:15:43
*I know their care...* Svarik looked back unhappily, loathe to leave Irden with the priests any longer than necessary. *We can come to them under the cover... take Irden under it before they notice something, and get away...* he looked at Liron pleadingly. *We can do the spell together...*
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DragonRider3 said Feb 15, 2012 15:56:42
Liron sighed unhappily, since he wasn't really sure how much magic he have left and would it be clever some of them to faint at this point, but because of tone Svarik spoke with, elf was finally fully convinced they really can not leave Irden with priests... With Tarmagil to be exact...
Then he simply said * If that's what you want... We'll do it...*
And he started summoning the cover spell... It really was harder than he remembered, since at this low amount of magic he had, it needed more concentration to keep it steady.
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Mirach said Feb 15, 2012 20:01:38
Svarik nodded, thinking he'll rather risk total exhaustion then leave Irden with Tarmegil. He gritted his teeth, and through their connection through the ring, gave what little magic he could summon to Liron, to help him summon and keep the spell, ignoring the dark spots dancing before his eyes.
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DragonRider3 said Feb 16, 2012 07:01:27
Liron managed to control spell a little better with Svarik help. He was feeling rather weak and dizzy, but his step, even if not much, was little steadier that Svarik's. Under cover, they came closer to councilors and Irden. When they were just a step or two away from the boy, Liron sent him slight thought:
*Irden? It's me, Liron... Me and Svarik are right beside you, under cover... Now, don't move, act like you don't hear my waffling voice in your head.... I will take you for hand and then you will be under our cover spell and then we are leaving, is that okay? *
Mirach said Feb 16, 2012 07:59:00
Irden almost didn't manage to hide his joy and relief at hearing Liron's voice, but luckily Tarmegil was just climbing down and didn't see it, and the others didn't notice.
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DragonRider3 said Feb 16, 2012 08:16:23
Liron sighed, somewhere deep in himself wondering will he manage to run when he take Irden under cover, or he will trample over some of the councilors... However, there was no time for thinking, and next thing he done, was coming to Irden's right side, and taking him for a hand, taking him under cover spell in same time. And then trying to haul the boy in direction they came from, almost dragging Svarik as well, and having strange feeling that, if Irden change pace for just a second, they will all end up as one big funny pile on the ground...
Mirach said Feb 16, 2012 09:01:12
For a few heartbeats, the councilors didn't notice Irden's dissappearance, or were stunned by it. Then they realized that it's not some halluccination - Irden did really dissappear! Tarmegil jumped down the last paces of the rope, surprisingly agile for his age, and waved his hands in the air, as if he hoped to catch an invisible Irden on the place where he was before. But Irden, together with Liron and Svarik, was already a few steps further, and getting away quickly... or as quickly as they could.

Svarik stumbled when Liron pulled him away, and almost fell, but he managed to keep his balance and keep the pace as well, but it was clear to him that he won't be able to do it for long.
DragonRider3 said Feb 16, 2012 09:11:33
(OOC: Pity, it would be more fun if Tarmagil fell *evil laugh* XD )

After some running, elf stopped, and breathed out hard, shivering a little. This obviously tire him more than he would like to admit... After a few seconds, however, still breathing hard, he concluded with smile, but his smile was tired from all things that happened that day, and there was not merit in his eyes like it usually was: " Now.. We are again properly numbered... "
Mirach said Feb 16, 2012 09:22:42
Svarik fell to his knees in the very moment they stopped, shivering on the whole body.
DragonRider3 said Feb 16, 2012 10:13:58
Elf, however, needed some time to collect oneself, but soon he noticed Svarik shivering, and his heart raced in panic and worry.
" Svarik? " he asked kneeling at his friend's side.
Mirach said Feb 16, 2012 10:20:40
"Sorry... I'm not used... to this..." Svarik panted. "Do we... still need the cover spell?"
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