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Liron and Svarik meadow 12

posted Feb 27, 2012 11:13:31 by DragonRider3
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Mirach said Feb 27, 2012 16:11:53
Svrik followed him. "Good day," he greeted the innkeeper to get his attention, because he seemed busy and didn't notice them yet.
DragonRider3 said Feb 27, 2012 21:00:15
Innkeeper turned his look toward companions, and looked at them curiously.
" Oh, it's you two... Three" he corrected himself seeing Irden as well. Then he gave them a calculating look, and after a silence on his side, he asked a little doubtingly: " You look rather more well than yesterday, according to my son, if I may say... "
Liron smiled, and with his emerald eyes he gave innkeeper both, shy and apologizing look, but mixed on, actually, very charming politely way. " It was temporary fatigue, I assure you, I will try to avoid it in future... And I will give my best not to make it uncomfortable for you again, I promise, Baldir, sir " he said earnestly, and came closer so that innkeeper can see that earnestness on his face, not only hear it in elf's melodic voice. For a moment, obviously under impression of last night's things Irden said, innkeeper looked like he wants to step back, but obvious harmlessness of elf's movements and light casualness softened him after only a few heartbeats.
" Why does it seems to me you do all the speaking part? " innkeeper asked rolling his eyes, since he already managed to meet elf's speaking abilities quite well, and he looked reconciled with fact elf will soon do or say something childish or funny that will--
" Awwwww, but I am the cutest from all three, they don't have the cute puppy eyes that will make you forgive us for being crazy, childish or worse... Look, am I not pretty? " elf said with such punting neat childishness, and then blinked innocently, that eye catchy that innkeeper could not suppress a chuckle...
Mirach said Feb 27, 2012 22:08:07
Svarik smirked at that. "The other reason is, that he just tells everything he wants before anybody else manages to open his mouth..." He smiled at the innkeeper. "It is my honour to finally meet you properly."
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 07:04:02
Liron grinned childishly, like he's saying * And I always will *, but innkeeper, after just a two seconds, when he calmed down, turned to Svarik, and answered him:
" Pleasure is mine, sir, " he spoke with just little less casualness than with elf " As you might or might not know, my name is Baldir, and I keep this place from falling apart. You can call me that, you can call me simply innkeeper, or you can call me king of rumors..." he winked slyly, but then elf added, since he could not keep his mouth closed indeed: " I vote for third! "he looked at Svarik just the way he looked at Baldir moment ago: " Can we use third name? Please, please, please? "
Innkeeper sighed, but he didn't look disapproving or offended; elf's behavior seemed to amuse him: " Now you do the speaking part for me too, yes? " he asked with a smile.
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 09:45:11
Svarik laughed. "Oh? You are the king of rumors? Pleasure to meet you, your majesty!"

(OOC: Will he tell them about the councilors, or do I have to ask? )
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 11:45:24
Innkeeper bowed theatrically, with a slight chuck: " Oh, your highness, what to do, I was with no choice, my mother was a housekeeper and my father was servant in the palace; I must continue family tradition! "

( OOC: Don't worry, he will ;) )
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 12:42:38
"I see," Svarik smiled. "I'd be glad to hear some, I'm quite good in listening..." he smiled to himself. "But meanwhiles, where should we put the plates? And thank you for the delicious food!"
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 12:53:36
" Put then right there, Vardvik will wash them later" he said and Liron nodded obediently in next second went toward the sink.

" As for food, no need for thanking, I did what I could... But as for the rumors... I actually hoped you can provide me with some. If you can give me little... More detailed review of what happened yesterday after you found that book of yours... Just to confirm my predictions... " he smiled slyly looking at Svarik " That I actually can tell in advance something you might find... Interesting. "
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 15:35:21
Svarik sighed quietly, and looked for a chair, because he suspected it's going to take a while. Knowing that Irden already told the innkeeper everything important, even if not in much detail, it was actually easier, as he didn't have to think about what to tell and what to be quiet about. "Well... after we found the book, we decided to go to the palace, to see what is the situation with the Council..." He told Baldir about the events that followed, until they got to the inn, omiting just the last spell with the pentagram.
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 19:45:18
While he listened to Svarik, innkeeper sat in one chair as well. Liron, on other hand, just leaned on a wall with casualness, while only emerald eyes that were shining proved he was carefully listening.
For some time after meadow king finished, Baldir was quiet, and his face was thoughtful, stacking impressions... After a while, when it seemed he digested all the informations, he nodded:
" Interesting... I never thought... I mean, I did thought, but, it's quite... Hard to take in... Even if it would explain a lot..." he seemed like having a struggle for a little while before he raised his gaze and smiled slightly, his eyes showing his earnestness:" But I *do* believe you... And... "
He cast a slow calculating gaze upon all of them, as if he was now having a hard time to decide should he tell it or not:
" As for the rumor I suggested to share with you... I have a feeling it will bring us more trouble that I thought, but not sharing it would bring even more harm, specially in time to came... Now, listen to me carefully... " he leaned toward them conspiratorially " Whatever I say to you, you heard *not* from me. And.. I will tell you only under condition.. Of not making a mess in the inn. Means no fighting, no stuff breaking, no killing..." only a fast sad look was cast toward Liron before Baldir asked firmly: "Deal? "
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 19:58:30
Svarik looked surprised by the request, almost absurd to him. "Of course..." he shook his head.
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 20:31:40
But innkeeper looked completely serious.
"You have my word... " Liron whispered, hanging his head, and only then Baldir started, still being at a loss on how to find the right words:
" Thing is in that... I *know* where five last remaining councilors are... " after deliberate pause he added quietly: " They are.. Here.... Since half of the night or so... I.. I realize you might want to revenge them for leaving you at the other wall side, but please... As well as you, they are my guests, and I don't want troubles under my roof... And I don't want council members number.. How to say... *To reduce... * "
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 20:46:17
"They are... here?" Svarik blinked, and looked at Liron. "I don't want to revenge for something I expected them to do, but... What will we do?"
DragonRider3 said Feb 28, 2012 20:57:26
" They have... Their weapons with them? " elf asked innkeeper quietly, not looking at Svarik jet. When Baldir nodded, Liron looked down, as if he was coming up with decision. Then he looked at his friend, and said quietly, firstly sharing his impression: " I never was angry at them. It is hard to make me that angry at someone that I want to revenge or hurt him... And it.. never brought any good... If I was asked, I know it's rather risky, but I would go to talk last night out with them... No matter do they want to admit it or not, it's out of question that they *need* us, and that... Leaving them on their own will sooner or later result with their deaths... " he smiled wryly, with smile not reaching his eyes: " Only one person in this world knows how to actually kill vampires... "
Mirach said Feb 28, 2012 21:51:09
"And that person is in this room..." Svarik whispered. Then he sighed. "I'm really not looking forwards to it, but we should talk to them. But I'm afraid that while I am there, Tarmegil will not accept anything we might say..."
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