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Liron and Svarik meadow 13

posted Mar 18, 2012 15:01:11 by DragonRider3
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Mirach said Mar 18, 2012 15:30:49
(OOC: Uh, those limits... And if Svarik is turn the way I have in mind, he won't stay Svarik, so it's important to avoid it)

*He will send someone to lead you to him... alone. Someone... you know...* Svarik replied after a few moments.

Liron could feel his presence fainly somewhere in the basement...
DragonRider3 said Mar 18, 2012 15:45:38
( ooc: Liron will give his best *salute * )

* Said him I accept. But that I advice him to stay honest to his word, for as long as he is, I will as well. We wizards, as he knows, lean great trust in words... *

Then he opened his eyes and said to the priests: " General wants to speak with me. Says he can turn vampires differently than in my realm, and I must do this without tricks.. He wants me to go to the hall... alone. " he then looked at them intently " I know it will most likely be a trap, but I will not miss the change to finally meet our general and-- " he grinned sadistically " Talk with him. As for you, I want you to stay close, but not to follow me after we reach the hall. " Then he handed something to Selagon. It was one of rings he made when he was creating them to trade them for horses, when this journey started. " Take this. It's filled with my magic. I will try to get Svarik out of the basement, I think he's there. If he.. appears beside you, take the ring on. It's not something special, it only has connection with me as a maker, so, when I feel you put it on, I will transfer all you outside, no matter am I with you or not.. Til then, you will be protected by my cover spell " it seemed he already made some his decision " Now, can you lead me to the hall? "
Mirach said Mar 18, 2012 16:08:11
Selagon took the ring, shortly admiring it at his palm and then he put it into a pocket. "I hope you know what you are doing," he muttered. "Follow me..." He led Liron out of the library. Guards were positioned on the hallways, but they didn't see them under the cover spell. they descended several stairs. "The hall is behind that corner," Selagon motioned ahead.
DragonRider3 said Mar 18, 2012 16:57:33
" Thank you. Wait here, and be on your guard. " Liron nodded gratefully, and then said shortly, while his old eyes shone : " Whatever I do today... And whatever I say... I want you to know that I always meant only good to you, and nothing but good. Farewell for now..." he said like he's telling goodbye to them, and not giving them time to answer, he slipped down the corner, but they could still feel the warm protection of the cover spell...
Elf came to the hall, and he was prepared to meet whatever might face him.
Mirach said Mar 18, 2012 17:08:14
It was Tarmegil who awaited Liron in the hall. But Tarmegil was dead - his sould was gone. He was a vampire now, and a mindless thrall to his master. That was the turning the general spoke about...
DragonRider3 said Mar 18, 2012 17:19:55
Liron shivered in himself as he realized that there was no Tarmagil's will behind the priest's gaze...
" May peace be upon you, child of night... " he said traditional greeting of his land and bowed slightly, even if he knew that even if answer come, Tarmagil will not be the one to answer...

( OOC: child of night - elven name for the vampires )
Mirach said Mar 18, 2012 17:32:46
Tarmegil did not reply, only motioned to Liron to follow, and without even waiting for him, he started walking into a hallway and down a staircase.
DragonRider3 said Mar 18, 2012 17:35:58
Liron followed silently. He was aware this could be trap, but he was resigned to follow without any protest wherever he would be lead to. They walked for some time...
Mirach said Mar 18, 2012 20:26:58
Tarmegil led him directly to the basement - a logical place for vampires, who do not like the light of sun... It seemed there were storage rooms before, but now they were cleared and used as barracks and the seat of general's power. Tarmegil opened a heavy door, and after Liron entered, he closed it after him.

"So the prince arrived..." the general's voice welcomed him. "Do not try anything, if you don't want to see your friend in the same state as dear Tarmegil here..."

He was standing close to a figure shackled to the wall. It was Svarik, but he was pale, and blood was smeared on his neck, suggesting that the general drank of it again, and he drank a lot, judging by the way Svarik was slumped in the shackles - maybe to strengthen the connection to Svarik's thoughts. On the general's other side was Vardvik, kneeling but not shackled. The boy was shaking with fear - there was a dagger in the general's hand, and with one single movement he could thrust it to the boy's heart.

"So, prince of Remisilia..." the general started in a conversation tone, "... what are the lives of your friends worth to you? I want you to return where you came from. In that case I will only turn Svarik to a normal vampire..."

(OOC: Could you just play for time in the next few posts and don't do anything? I have a plan, and... er... Svarik needs to prove he can take care of himself ;))
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DragonRider3 said Mar 19, 2012 05:12:09
( OOC: All right. Liron has also a plan of his own, but it also requires talking, so I guess we will talk a few posts to find more time for Svarik ;) )

Liron was quiet for some time, looking like he's considering what general said, with deadly serious expression.
" That's an interesting offer... " He said then, and shrugged his shoulders, leaning of a door, looking rather casual and relaxed, and slowly said, with his elven voice pleasantly echoing the small room " I might had gained a slightly wrong impression, but somehow, for some reason, I imagined that you don't want to turn Svarik to any kind of vampire, but to kill him. I know you might consider me a nail picker.. But I am not really a fool as my father considers me, and that, you must had heard, I proved quite lot of times in my realm, and here as well. Tell me... " he looked general in the eyes, and then spoke, slowly, with a smile of politician, ready to negotiate, on his face " How can I know your offer is not just a trick to make me return home without my destiny fulfilled? "
Mirach said Mar 19, 2012 09:16:08
"You have a destiny?" the general snickered. "Well, I don't know about that, but here you are quite a nuinsance to me. This realm is so wonderful for vampires - blood has such a power here... I want you to leave me here and stop caring for it. It is not your realm. And about your friend here, I am willing to reconsider my plans. You see, first I just wanted to kill him, but then I discovered this new and handy way of turning, Tarmegil can attest to that. It actually involves killing him as well... and I guess you do not want that. So what about a deal: you leave, and I will *not* kill him. I'll just turn him the normal way, because as you can see, I've already started with that..."

Svarik realized that the general's attention is on Liron - he did not pay so much attention to his thoughts now... He did not send a thought to Liron, though, but tried to do something else, something that the general didn't realize...
DragonRider3 said Mar 19, 2012 13:01:19
" Oh, yes, of course I can see that, it's something obvious to me.. I have seen turnings before. And I actually know quite a bit about your kin... I am sure you could had seen it yesterday... " he looked at general with smirk beneath the eyes, and then asked, slight trace of confusion in his look: " Your way of acting is not a mystery to me, despite I am young, I had seen a lot in my life... But I do not understand one thing; why you changed your plans about Svarik and now suddenly want to change him to a vampire? Don't you realize you can not be king while he lives? It is what you want, isn't it? To rule? "
Mirach said Mar 19, 2012 13:26:13
"Maybe I realized that it fits me better to work from the shadows..." the general chuckled slightly at the pun. "Why should I be a king, if I can control the king, and have the same power..."
DragonRider3 said Mar 19, 2012 13:40:48
Liron's look turned more thoughtful, and he let the slow realization pass over his mask, under which he was plotting: " I see... But, it bugs me, how can you control him while he's *normal * vampire.. " Liron grinned at the words, and then looked at general seriously: " You know he would never agree to your terms, he would rather die. To control him, you would need to turn him on your way.. And I need to be sure you won't do that *if* I decide that I will indeed let you be. I need to know you won't turn him to that--- That excuse you call vampire.. " Unlike it could be expected, he spoke about normal vampires as something normal and acceptable, with respect, and some strange sparks of loving that could be sensed between lines, unlike so many from his realm; but it seemed he only has problem with general's way... On Thief Svarik talked about it reminded him... Then his eyes turned serious, cold again " It seems to me we are in stalemate. I can not accept your terms, you cannot accept mine. Do you want to hear mine.. Opinion?"
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Mirach said Mar 19, 2012 16:35:05
"Well, there are always some ways..." the general looked at Vardvik meaningfully. "So, what if I don't want to hear your opinion? Accept or not!" He came closer to Svarik.

In that moment, Tarmegil moved. It was not from the general's will, though... The general was right about blood being powerful in this world. He could read Svarik's thoughts for sharing his blood. But for the same reason, Svarik found out he can control Tarmegil, if he concentrates all his will...

Several things happened at once then. Tarmegil neared to the general, and then in a quick movement he grabbed Vardvik and hauled him out of the vampire's reach.

In the same moment Svarik sent a lightning bolt at the general. It was much more difficult without the ring, and whith his hands bound so he couldn't aim properly, but he managed to hit him! But he knew the spell will not last long, maybe just a few seconds...
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