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Liron and Svarik meadow 14

posted Apr 04, 2012 13:42:02 by Mirach
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DragonRider3 said Apr 04, 2012 17:33:34
( OOC: Than not more doors ;) )

Baldir nodded, and then said simply, looking like he's giving complete authorities to Selagon in this: " Like I said when we talked upstairs, despite some of my.. qualities, I am definitely not a battle strategist... " his tone was simple and practical " Just tell me what you need and what you want me to do, and I shall provide and help. "
Mirach said Apr 04, 2012 18:42:29
Selagon nodded. "First of all, assure nobody is inside who shouldn't be. We will barricade the doors and windows that are accesible from outside. That will be the first likne of defence. The second will be the stairs - there is only one staircase, right? If they break inside, we can keep them there - so we will need something to barricade the stairs after our retread. The third line..." he paused, and looked at the innkeeper and Dirnek seriously. "If they get upstairs, we must assure they don't get to the general. And we need to protect the King..."
DragonRider3 said Apr 04, 2012 19:46:18
" As for assurance nobody that should not be here is not here, me and Conrad took care of that in this hour you gave me, I was rather busy, you see... And yes, barricading doors and windows seem like a good idea. We can do that for first flat easily. I assume that vampires are not too good climbers, are they? I am asking just to note that, if we would need to, for any case barricade windows of second flat, we need to leave one window for Conrad..." he smiled " He is, to say so, beside others, a climber as well, and he would never forgive me if I tried to keep him out of this.. Knowing him, he would find an absurd way to brake through roof if he had to... As for second line, yes, there's only one staircase, so that won't be a problem... As for the third line... " his look grew gravely "For general I do not know... But for meadow king... I think that his friend Liron, if you understand well what I mean, likes us all in a way, but, by knowing him from these couple of days... " he noted seriously: " I think he will rather let all us, along with himself, die, than let meadow king die... "
Mirach said Apr 04, 2012 19:54:08
"Yes, I... noticed that." Selagon paused for a moment, and then shook his head to concentrate on the problem at hand. "In that third line, I count with him, but it would be better if things would not go that far. And I don't know if vampires are good climbers... I guess they would be as good climbers as they were before. Are the windows on the second flat easily accessible? I'm afraid that if Conrad will be able to get in, they would be as well. I'd rather not take any chances..."
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DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 05:12:23
Innkeeper smiled: " I am not saying windows are *that* easily accessible, normal persons can't enter on second flat that way... I am saying Conrad is mad and would climb even a glass-smooth surface - with confidence of a crazy man, but don't tell him I told you this - to do what he wants to do... And he already climbed quite a times before, long story... If vampires would be as good climbers as they were before, there's a good chance they will not be among best ones, considering there're not many places us common Lowlanders can practice climbing skills... But yes, if we have time, maybe it would be best if we would barricade the second flat as well, just in case... "
Mirach said Apr 05, 2012 07:40:59
"All right then, we will save that for later if we have time. Our first concern should be the doors and windows on the first floor. Lock them, and then we will move the furniture before them."
DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 07:50:38
Baldir nodded, surprisingly obediently, with a attitude of person who listens to orders as well as gives them, and then he took his bunch of keys, and locked all the doors. Then, when it was done, as they decided, they started putting the furniture before them.
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Mirach said Apr 05, 2012 08:44:38
When that was ready, Selagon with Dirnek prepared a mobile barricade for the staircase, placing it on the hall near its top so it could be moved into place later. In that moment they heard banging and scratching from outside - somebody was trying to get through the front door...
DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 08:54:37
Priests could see innkeeper paled slightly, but he was too practical to start to panic right away: " We did all we could. Let's hope it was enough... " he asked then, calculation their chances: " Should we call Liron? "
Mirach said Apr 05, 2012 09:09:45
Selagon shook his head, drawing his sword. "Not yet. The barricades hold so far. I will guard this door, Dirnek, you go to the backdoor. And you," he said to the inkeeper, "will be in the stable. Try to calm the horses, and if the break the door, do not attempt to stop them, but warn us and run upstairs."
DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 09:12:22
" Like I would stand a chance at stopping... " innkeeper was quite pale, but despite situation, he managed to smiled slightly, and then, the same moment, he headed where he was said to.
Mirach said Apr 05, 2012 10:02:23
Meanwhiles Selagon, confident that the barricade at the front door will hold for some time, ran upstairs to look from a window. What he saw made him pale as well. All vampires that remained in the fortress were here now - ten to fifteen of them, it was hard to see in the darkness. But it was something else that worried him more... He retreated from the window, and ran to wake Liron.
DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 10:27:03
When he entered the room, elf was still sleeping.
Mirach said Apr 05, 2012 10:47:42
Selagon approched him quickly, and shook him by shoulder, slightly but urgently.
DragonRider3 said Apr 05, 2012 10:55:27
Liron needed a good few heartbeats even to perceive the touch in deep sleep; somewhere in corner of his mind, he knew four hours could not pass, and so he forced himself in faster waking... First he noticed when he opened his eyes was Selagon shaking him, looking worried and very pale:
" Let me guess... " he said straightening to sitting position as quickly as he could, with still slightly sleepy tone of person suddenly waked: " We are having 'warm' company? "
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