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Liron and Svarik meadow 15

posted Apr 25, 2012 13:26:28 by Mirach
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DragonRider3 said Apr 25, 2012 17:25:26
( OOC: Er... Let's say so... *blushes* My little brother Petar.. He's ten years old.. And evil :D )

" I k-know.... " elf whispered back, clutching himself closer into Svarik's embrace, and then, as it seemed, detached himself from what was happening, looking as if he concentrates on something not outside, but inside him... And he gritted his teeth.. It passed few minutes in silence, and elf's eyes were tightly closed.. Svarik could feel elf clinging closer to him, subconsciously, most likely. But it seemed that, along with pain that came to him, his body was recovering of the influence of first shock of what he did.. And getting used to the state more, gathering forces of the body and getting ready to defend from the poison.... And inall it, despite his situation, elf seemed to remember something very important for him: " Svarik? I.. Sleagon and Dirnek.. We... I told them.. What happened in inner layer.. They.. Need explanations.. They.. wait for me" and there was that sad realization he can't go to them now in this state..
Mirach said Apr 25, 2012 20:10:20
"I know..." Svarik sighed. "I hope they will understand... but I will not leave you now. Nothing in the world would make me to do it... Don't concern yourself now..." he smiled gently, and then started softly humming a lullaby.
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 04:25:39
But once it came to elf's mind, it could not get out, it was more that obvious. Afraid that Svarik will actually make him fall asleep now with a lullaby, elf freed his right hand, and with some clumsiness of it he tried to hide he put it over Svarik's lips.. In his half closed eyes, despite influence on high fever that could clearly be seen on his face, was determination fighting with effect of lulling words of Svarik's soft song: " If meadow king.. Knows.. His friend is sick... but will be okay even without help... But two other friends of his.. Are not well at all.. And need his guiding.. If he knew.. How badly.. They are torturing themselves... with questions they know not to answer... If he knew... Like elven prince knows.. How it is hard for them now.. Would he still stay by side of his friend.. Or go to them? " elf gulped hardly, and his dimply emerald eyes looked at Svarik with silent plea: " It would be hard for elven prince to leave his friend alone.. In even slight trouble... If he could.. He would want.. To take all his troubles and pains away.. "it seemed fever had influence over his words more now " But if.. He knew it is necessary.. And he is needed much more.. On the other side.. He.. would feel really bad for leaving .. But w-would go.. He would go.. And help... The best he can... " elf's eyes turned somehow strange, as if in same time he would want Svarik to stay so badly, but knowing he will not be peaceful if he would stay, that same look was almost begging for Svarik to go " Y-your people... need you.. Your friend has been through this all before... not once he's been through this alone... He will be more than fine.. " he even managed to smile faintly " What doesn't kill us... Makes us stronger.. "
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Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 06:51:13
Svarik took a shaky breath, and for a moment his face was showing his own weariness, as he was still terrified when he thought about the sanctuary and that emptiness beneath the threads where he would lose himself without Liron... The thought of speaking about it was hard, and he just wanted to stay with Liron and fall asleep feeling his presence... But right... what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger... He sighed. "I will do it..." he said quietly. "Do not worry for them, I will explain them everything... once you fall asleep." He tightened his embrace, indicating that he's not going anywhere while his friend is in pain. "Just relax, little prince... all will be well..." He started humming the lullaby again, but now payed attention to resist the tempting call of sleep himelf.
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 07:16:54
Liron looked at him again, and, despite pain, his look has some inner merit...
" Thank you.. I do not.. deserve.. Such good friend as you.. " he whispered quietly " I.. Am sorry for that before, Svarik.. When I chased you away.. Just.. I had a situation.. And wanted you to stay out.. Of it.. I.. It is little dimply in my memory.. I know.. I was harsh on you and I sincerely.. Have no idea.. how I managed to convince you.. To get out.. I didn't really.. Payed any attention to what you was doing and saying.. In that moment.. I just wanted you to leave.. I.. am sorry " elf seemed to want to say this he had on mind before Svarik's humming make him stop thinking clearly, since he already looked so tired and sleepy, and had to close his eyes; all the endeavors of the day made his sore mind and body more susceptible to strong call of the sleep... And as he spoke, lulled by peaceful Svarik's song, his words were getting more and more quiet: "I am sorry.. But you will understand.. I know you will... You are a good friend, Svarik.. You are.. Such a pure soul.. Everything I have in this world.. And all that I will ever be.. It could all fall down around me.. Just as long as I have you.. And now.. For the first time in my life.. I know.. If I was asked for my very last wish before I die... It would be to die... looking in your beautiful.. terribly beautiful... blue eyes.. "
And with these words, letting the pain and fever take over, he finally was too weak to stay aware of what's going on around him, and he collapsed to exhausted sleep, falling into numb unconsciousness in which it came a time for his battle with poison to begin...
Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 09:39:07
Svarik was touched by that, but his thoughts were interrupted by the general, as he muttered wryly: "Mine was something along those lines as well..."

Just then did Svarik realize his presence, and looked at him in surprise.

The general shrugged. "A bit different reasons, though..."

Svarik raised his eyebrows, but then turned his attention back to Liron. "Sleep..." he whispered gently. He held him for a while longer, and then he slowly loosened his embrace and stood up, staggering a little. Hesitantly he left the room and went to talk with the priests...

(OOC: Sorry, no time to write their talk, and as none of your characters is present, I'll summarize it when some of them asks...)
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 10:20:08
( OOC: Okay. Skip to morning? )
Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 10:36:52
Svarik found only one of the priests awake. Dirnek fell asleep soon after Liron left, too exhausted by the head wound and emotions. Selagon appeared calm, and said it's probably better that way, that he will explain everything to Dirnek himself. Their talk was long and exhausting to both, and when they ended, Svarik was ready to fall asleep on his feet... Before that, though, he asked Selagon to go with him to the other room, and help him to get Liron to bed. Then he embraced the prince again, grateful for his presence even in sleep and hoping that his presence will help Liron to deal with the poison as well. As soon as he closed his eyes, he fell into a deep and exhausted sleep.

(OOC: Ok, but Svarik will sleep at least for a day)
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 11:03:07
( OOC: Liron will wake around noon.. From thirst... :)

While they were moving little prince, he shown to any sign that he acknowledges their presence, but by the way he curled himself it was noticeable this position, close to Svarik, was more comfortable for him. Bat, after some time, fell asleep under his untamed hair locks...
In some time of the night, elf started shivering, but he didn't wake, for his inner fight, completely focused, was lasting; it was obvious reaction to very high fever... During the night, couple of times he moaned quietly, but, even in sleep, there was something as silent voice that stopped him from showing his pain, and he was silencing, as if on reflex. When fever finally started to get little lower, his body finally relaxed, and he fell into deep refreshing sleep..
It was already light in the room, and elf was better, last remaining of poison were defeated and all he wanted was to curl more and sleep.. But even in sleep, thirst he felt now was too strong to be ignored.. And bat, already rested, found it very funny, it seemed, to lick his face... Still sleepy, not much aware of where he is and other things, but recognizing animal's lick, elf whispered: " Fluffy.. Stop... I am awake... "
But it took him one good minute to finally gather will and wits enough to open his, now clear, even with just slight shade of tiredness, emerald eyes...
Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 12:50:33
Svarik was still asleep, breathing very quietly. He didn't move when Liron stirred, even though it was almost two days that he has last eaten anything, and he was looking even more thin than before.
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DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 17:09:15
Elf was stil very sleepy, but a look at Svarik seem to wake him to quite good measure. And silently, he shook his head unhappily, knowing how many times these days he was actually demanding from Svarik to eat and he said he will but didn't.. After looked at him closely, elf frown slightly, asking himself should he wake him to eat or not... But Svarik's peaceful look in a deep sleep won, and resigned he sighed slightly, very quietly and gently leaving his embrace... His body was still capricious, having its own way to deal with weakness other then listening to elf's will, but his mind was clearing, and he knew with a common sense he has to get up to drink a glass of water - or better said ten at least, as he felt by his dry throat - and eat something. Memories of last night were still a little dimply in his just waken mind, and he could not really remember how he got himself to bed hugged by Svarik.. He must had fallen asleep. Memories of pain were dark, even if most of them were dealt with in sleep, and he shook his head to chase them away once he left Svarik's embrace and, little hardly, slowly, not to get dizzy he sat up, while reflexively cuddling Fluffy, finally taking a look at the room, looking little confused when noticing already half of morning passed, at least..
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Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 17:17:48
"I see you are awake..." the general's voice brought his attention to the figure of the vampire, still bound by the light ropes. "Good, it was getting quite boring to watch you sleep."
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 17:44:19
On the comment, elf actually chucked slightly, but he suppressed chuckle not to wake Svarik.
" Well, what to do, I could not really stay awake much longer last night in any case... Even now I would rather sleep for days, but Fluffy was very persistent in smearing its slaver all around me" Liron smiled at the silly bat, speaking rather surprisingly casually " so it left me no choice but to meet new day... Of course, in half of it... I am turning into decent sleepyhead. " elf said little sleepily and quietly, gently stroking little beast's fur, and Fluffy seemed to enjoy it, clutching himself closer to the elf.
Mirach said Apr 26, 2012 17:48:18
The general nodded and turned away - it seemed the conversation was over for him. But after a moment, he turned back again, the expression on his face suggesting the next words were not coming lightly from his mouth - rather after an inner fight... "I think... I should thank you for what you did..." he said.
DragonRider3 said Apr 26, 2012 18:18:39
Liron seemed to have a gift of encouraging and making what was hard to be said to feel easier and be rewarded with apprehension, and soft understanding smile that spread on corners of his lips seemed to accept general's thanking with, as it seemed, complete realization how hard it was for vampire to make himself say these words, and respecting that despite hardness, he said it.
" It's okay... " he blushed slightly, and cued on general's thanking, gently giving enough space for vampire's pride not to be harmed on any way with thanking he did and that was obvious quite new experience for him " I just did what I could. "
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