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posted May 13, 2012 19:22:19 by Mirach
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Mirach said May 13, 2012 19:31:27
Have you seen the topic for the dA team game? It's CHANGE. I've discussed it with jankolas and my sister, and we decided that since we are a slavic team, we could do something about slavic fairytales. Do you know the one about three raven brothers? (If not, I have troubles to find it in english, so here is a Slovak version, and you could try google translate with it and then ask me if you don't understand) We decided we could illustrate the change of the three brothers to ravens, each of us posting an own interpretation, set in a different season. Janka (my sister) took spring and jankolas took winter. What do you think about the topic? If you agree, then you can choose between summer or autumn, and I'll take the remaining one. I still don't know if I'll draw or write something... The deadline is May 20th.
DragonRider3 said May 14, 2012 07:33:00
Yes, theme is really wonderful! It will really show a little bit of how beautiful our folk tales are. *love*
I just want to sum up as I understand it ( for I hear couple of versions of something similar, but not exactly this one, and the one I remember the most is actually one version with swans.. And as well, there is version, much simpler than this one about, seven ravens, and in it father, not mother cursed them, but not because of food, but because they went to bring water from river to wash their little sister, but brake pot where they were supposed to collect it, and they feared father will be angry, so they didn't return on time. In version with swans, it's more complicated, and it's my fav, and it is closer in structure to yours, the same motive of not speaking for long time in order to free brother. In this version, as well, she had to make them shirts from nettle, and once all shirts are done and swans put them on, they would become men again... er, I complicated it, didn't I ? ) I had quite troubles with google translate, and, what's funny, at the end I could take in better when I combined english translate with original.. Our languages are different, but somehow it has that similar sense... And at least I know where commas are, so it makes a little more sense.. =)

Mother had three sons and one girl. Sons were bad, and girl was nice and full of merit. Mother had lot troubles with sons, and once when she went to church, she asked them to not eat from pot of meat, like they always do when she's not there. But they didn't listen. And when she returned, she sow it and was angry, and yelled at them, because as soon as she left they ate it all.( maybe I mistook something, it's quite possible... ) They they turned into ravens (or crowns, I am not sure about translation ) and mother cursed them not to be released from raven form until closest relative frees them. But mother then, after calmed down, started to cry and was very sad, and for following years always mourned over her lost kids... In meanwhile, girl grown, and was always helping mother, and was very, very good. She was comfort to poor mum. But one day, when she asked does she have bothers, she was told she does and asked her mother about it. When she told her everything, girl decided to seek for them. Now, after all the trouble ( not to detail) she frees brothers and they return home, all are happy and everything is well. She met king, and they married in meanwhile of course, because girl is beautiful even with no words to say. But there's evil witch, that gives them trouble, but at the end, it will end as well.. And they live happy, with nice golden haired kids, till they die..

Now, let's see, what we want to draw, is it scene where mother cursed children and they start to turn, or to draw change outside, where it can be easily seen which season it is?

And yes, I, if it's okay, would like autumn, I already have ideas *excited*

Mirach said May 14, 2012 13:01:53
Yes, the summary is pretty accurate. I know the version with swans as well, but three ravens are more specific for Slovakia, (there is a famous collection of fairytales, collected by Dobšinský), the swans are in a version by Ch. Andersen. We don't actually need the whole fairy-tale, just one scene with the transformation, and it can be outside as well - the brothers lived in a crystal castle after that, and transformed to men every evening and to ravens in the morning. Take the autumn then, and I'll do the summer.
DragonRider3 said May 14, 2012 13:20:42
And I wondered where I picked up the version with swans... I was kid whose poor mother always needed to read fairy-tales before going to sleep... Long, long childhood =)
Okay, I'm on it as soon as you blink, one autumn changing to ravens is already in the air * evil plotting*
Mirach said May 25, 2012 12:15:16
Any ideas about the new topic? (I've got one, but have to think about it yet)
(And how did this entry get so many points compared to any other? )
AnastasijaVišnjić said May 25, 2012 15:10:07
I have read it already, in the morning.. I am still thinking, I expected that, like last time, you will get greeat idea... And, sincerely, I was little down hearted that we got second in row, since we were kind of.. Too awesome comparing to others... :(
( OOC: And yes, I was thinking just the same.. It's not fair, our one was way much better. :(
But, apparently, if you make a video: , no matter of interpretation of subject, it's waaay much better to judges.. We will so rock them in this row,we have to show them what effort of artists, not just photographer, it... Team 11 *must* be defeated with our awesomeness. *dummy* We are team 3, after all. It was not original at all... It's a bit fansy with bee part, but not as good as illustrating story like we did.. Our has historical background... *pouts and decides to do something very very cool... Whatever we decide... *
Mirach said May 25, 2012 16:04:13
I didn't discuss the idea with anyone else yet, but here it is - I'll write it in steps so it's more understandable:

1. Each of us takes a BW photo of her own shadow. It can be in different times of the day and different poses, so the shadows are various. Best we take it on a street or simple pavement, so we all have the same background
2. We put the shadows together into a scene in Photoshop
3. Either traditionally (print the photo and cut out the shape) or digitally, each of us colors her shadow with a few shades of color, so that together it will create entire spectrum of the rainbow. You can draw anything inside your shadow, there can be figures, trees, houses... as far as it follows the shape
4. We put it together and make a flash animation of the BW shadows gradually becoming colorful
(5. Optional - I can write a poem about it =))

The shadows together could create some scene, but in this moment I don't know what yet - any ideas? Or we just take a lot of photos and then choose those shadows that look interesting and fit together.

(OOC: Yes, go Slavic team!!! =)))
[Last edited May 25, 2012 16:25:20]
AnastasijaVišnjić said May 25, 2012 17:37:35
You mean like we make it all and make a video, like 11 team did? ( only a really good video? I had had some experience with animating, i can help with putting it all together in movie maker.. I adore doing it. =)
I am sure you sow this one? It isn't too good,.. But I think I am not good in things like this,putting them together?

1. Maybe we should do took photos on concrete pavement? I vote for that we take in next two days as many pictures of our shadows in that , and then choose the best. Is it this kind of BW work you think of?
Or maybe, I have idea, what if we all took pictures of our shadows, but on different colored background? Like, one shadow in grass, one at street, one at pavement, one at river... And we place them all in line like; your shadow in grass, then mine in grass, then jankolas's and your sister's (just example), pictures that we will turn to black and white while they appear first time, but then they turn into color ones, like you said? (I know to do it) And then same with shadows in pavement, then river, one at night, or other from each of us on all we decide? So there can be more colors and shades of colors in work? I am just offering contribution to trait of thoughts... I know it's not great idea, but I am trying to contribute a bit... More than last time.. Last time you three got so wonderful idea, I would never figure out something so cool.. :)
2. I am not sure about this one. Maybe shadows of each one should stand separate in video, each one after one another. If I get right, this is a collaboration type of work we are planning, a video-like, isn't it?
3. If we go with this, I think we should all have same motive inside that will bind us all; like, we draw inside what we consider represent ourselves, each one decides , but as well in one corner we add same symbol, or same word? I think it's not bad idea each of us to have freedom, but as well there to be binding trait... * innocent blink*
4. When I think a bit.. This idea does turn best from all mine.. Each one of us does it's own, and then I put it together in Windows movie maker and post on youtube once we are satisfied? With cool music and a bit effects?

I am thinking about it... Till we decide the first matters with complete clearty, only then we can move to this one. Don't worry, I have feeling this will be so great fun!
Mirach said May 25, 2012 18:34:12
I already talked with jankolas and my sister meanwhiles, and they like the idea, so I wouldn't change it much to not confuse them. And no, I don't want to make a video on youtube, just a flash file so it can be uploaded at dA. Making a video feels like repeating after team 11 to me, and a but like cheating because dA does not support video files (that's why I don't like their entry that much).

1. We will turn it BW later when we put them together, not it doesn't matter how you take them. This is what I already took: The different backgrounds are too complicated, it's not certain all of us will be able to find such different surfaces with sun shining on them.

2. My idea is not a video, but a simple flash file: first the BW compilation of our shadows, and gradually the shadows fill with colour (I know how I'd do that), from bottom to up like with water, or from left to right like with brush strokes, we'll yet decide.

3. We agreed on that with jankolas as well - we'll fill the shadows with something that represents us! The binding trait can be color: together, the shadows will have all shades of a rainbow from left to right, but each shadow will only have one part of it (one will be indigo-red, second red-orange-yellow, third yellow-green-blue, fourth blue-violet) - we still have time to decide this too, first we need to take the photos and put them together.

4. Can you make the flash file instead? I can try as well if I'll have time, it doesn't look that hard. But I don't want to turn this into a video competition - it should stay at dA.

But for now, just try to take the photos tomorrow, if it's sunny, so we can decide soon which one to use.
DragonRider3 said May 25, 2012 18:49:03
Even if it matters not that much at this point, I think, dA *does* support video files, if you have film licence:
But you are right.. We will not simply copy it.. We will do this better :)

1. All right, one background then ;)
And I took a two-tree photos some half hours ago at the wall and door, just to see if I am able to do it in same time as holding camera, and it turns I can *lol*
Of course, I will take some real photos under sunlight, not house light. ;)

2. I suggested video only because that's what I know, I don't know to make flash files, but if you know and can show us, than it's same with me *cuddle*

3. All right, dear, you are right, first photos, then post production! *happy bounce*

4. I never did it before.. I am not sure how good it will turn out.. .But I can try.. *blushes*

All right, prepare, the world, shadows will overrule the realm! And Slavic teams shall triumph! <3
Mirach said May 25, 2012 18:58:35
I know it does, but in a contest it doesn't seem fair to me, because not all have this license.

And I thought you can make animations, what about the blinking elves? It doesn't have to be flash, I thought you use that, but it can be whatever program you use if it can do. But it's no problem, I can do it. You just take some nice shadows tomorrow! We can make them varied by length - one really short one (around noon), one looooong (like mine now), and two between =)

Here's what I tried in flash, it's just 3 frames, but it works fine I think
[Last edited May 25, 2012 19:21:26]
DragonRider3 said May 25, 2012 19:22:18
All right, it's fine ;)

Blinking elves are in GIF, just small and clean, so it can't be noticed much. It's same font as in my older works, like this one: and
In gif, you need to have clean shadows, because it has limited pallet of 256 colors, if I remember right. If in it from photo we want from black white to turn it to colors, it will not be as presentable, it will have some rough pixel-like surface, like this one, if you look closely some of the pixels while changing has different shades than they should:
That's why I don't like it, and use windows movie maker that supports jpg with movie files, but if we can do this with flash, it's, as I said, great ;)

And yes, I will try to take as much different shadows of me as I can *happy bounce*
Mirach said May 25, 2012 19:38:10
Ah, so that's the difference! What program do you use for the gifs? I suppose flash is very similar, it can also save gifs (like here but you are right that it looks much better as .swf: )
DragonRider3 said May 26, 2012 06:49:08
For gifs, I use Gimp 2.0 , it's free program and you can get it online. Pretty much everything I use is free.. And photoshop was gift from a friend :D
I always make couple of different frames in photoshop, and then combine then in Gimp and save as GIF. Yes, Photoshop as well has animation bar and possibility to create animations, but I started learning animating with gimp, so I continue using it from habit.
And yes, swf. is indeed much better ;)

OOC: Imagine what? Few days time had been wonderful, yesterday it was cloudy, now it's raining :/
I hope time will get better for a few hours, till then, I fear I had lost my shadow... :(
Mirach said May 26, 2012 07:48:13
So I will put it together in Flash, I'm looking forward to it!

OOC: Ah, that's a pity! Look at the weather forecast - we can wait for another day, but if it looks rainy, you can use a lamp and a wall.
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