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Liron and Svarik meadow 18

posted Jun 07, 2012 20:00:15 by Mirach
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DragonRider3 said Jun 07, 2012 20:09:46
" I'm well... I'll be well... " Liron replied equally quietly, but it seemed like he slowly starts to relax... " I'm stronger than I look... And, to be sincere, even if I wasn't.. I could had not let it stay inside of him... He's.. Not that bad.. And he's been through enough already... And yesterday, in any case, if he and Malik fought not by our side, result of our battle would be quiet different... I owe him that much.. And he does deserve a little bit of sleep... " and then, he gulped, as if preparing to ask essential, to his very important question, and in same time apologizing for asking: " You.. Understand what I did, don't you? You.. Do not think I did something wrong? I expected some long moral-like scold.. Type *it's not good to use people to achieve your goals and plot behind other's backs like that, no matter how smart you might did it; I'm very disappointed in you...* "
Mirach said Jun 07, 2012 20:25:49
"It's really not nice..." Svarik smiled. "And you got drugged for it. I don't have to scold you anymore..." He stood up slowly, raising Liron with him and sitting down on the bed again, where it was a bit more comfortable than on the floor. "I just think it was a little unfair to Selagon... so soon."
DragonRider3 said Jun 07, 2012 20:27:14
Liron frowned slightly, as if he understood not.
Mirach said Jun 07, 2012 20:44:50
"When we talked about the Sanctuary, he felt like being used by the Thief. He... did not take it very well..." Svarik smiled sadly.
DragonRider3 said Jun 07, 2012 20:49:30
" All right.. But, I'm sorry, I see not what you are pointing at... I didn't use him. Really, what I did? I asked him not to let Conrad climb up before I wake up... And if he refused to help me with that little asking, I would simply give my best to stay awake, or ask someone other to do that.. How's that calling *using someone*? "
Mirach said Jun 07, 2012 20:59:17
"It's how you just called it..." Svarik pointed out. "And wanted to be scolded for it, so I did my best... And now it's my turn in being scolded, I guess..." he sighed. "Was Baldir angry at me for not returning to eat that surely wonderful sendwich he made me? I would, but I just didn't think I'll be able to get back upstairs if I go down again..."
DragonRider3 said Jun 08, 2012 04:57:37
Liron's look grew serious: " He wasn't angry.... " he said sincerely:" But he was really hurt... Really, Svarik, I wonder how could you do something like that to him? You pressed him to tell you what happened while you were sleeping, and he didn't want to lie to his king.. But as well, he didn't want to speak about his dearest friend in whole the world in bad light, and I think you understand that better than anyone.. You put him in hard position... And he still told you everything, exactly how it happened, as much as he knew. And he was feeling so guilty, could you not see it on his face? And despite, when he tries to calm you down and apologize, what do you do? Make that determinate *you can't stop me* face, and run away from him before he manages to say a word... You really hurt his feelings... He was shaken and upset. He's not a fighter. He can't stand the pressure just like that, it leans on him harder than it would lean on me, to give an example... " but then, suddenly he stopped, as in sudden realization as he sow Svarik's face; it seemed he finally was getting his wits after feeling nervous about his talk with his friend: " Oh.. I have a feeling I.. Am scolding quite badly, am I? I'm sorry, but you need to be clean on where you stand... "
Mirach said Jun 08, 2012 06:33:57
Svarik smiled slightly, but his look was sad. "I had to get to you... I sensed you are in danger. I wanted to return to him and apologize, but there was no time... and no strength to do it..." Regret of it could be heard in his voice, as if he really tried hard to find the strength, but his body finally betrayed him in exhaustion.
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DragonRider3 said Jun 08, 2012 06:52:20
" You silly... " Lireon clutched Svarik's hand firmly and gently, and it was his time to smile, first time since he entered the room, and it was slight shy smile: " That's exactly what I said to him... In summing up, that you have too many good intentions, but that you are slightly lacking at putting them in practice... He's okay with it *now*. He just needs nice soothing explanations to calm down... I am telling you this only to warn you to be more careful in future. He's simple man... Takes some things too literally or personal. " his smile spread slightly: " But, to truly say, in heart, a real panic alarmist... Gets upset quite unnecessarily, even if not showing it... "
Mirach said Jun 08, 2012 06:59:12
"Thank you for calming him..." Svarik smiled with relief. "I hope he returns soon and safe... I owe him a song..." He was quiet for a moment, and then looked at Liron innocently. "I guess you wouldn't have an idea what happened to that sandwich, would you?"
DragonRider3 said Jun 08, 2012 07:04:01
" Oh, of course, why didn't you ask sooner? " Liron chucked slightly, and started teasing slightly, in amusing childish way: " It grew wings and fly away through the window! I am not sure you'll catch it now, it must be miles away! "
Mirach said Jun 08, 2012 07:40:37
Svarik smirked. "Well, if it sought freeedom, I'm not going to chase it. But I'll at least make us some tea..." he continued more seriously. "You should drink much, to better deal with that drug..."
DragonRider3 said Jun 08, 2012 07:49:56
" All right, mother... " Liron rolled with his eyes, and then continued, imitating Svarik's tone: " And you should eat something, to avoid collapsing... I think I mentioned it not enough times before, but it really, really frustrates me that you *never* eat when I tell you so... Did I mention it before, maybe? "his voice turned somehow sad: " Avoid one more meal, and I will be able to see right through you.. Or get tempted to use necessary force and tie you to chair pouring some soup or something in your careless royal mouth... "
Mirach said Jun 08, 2012 08:05:11
Svarik nodded obediently. "Let's go down then. Just a moment..." he stood up and serached for something in his pack for a while. "Herbs for the tea..." he smiled slightly when he took out several herbs and showed them to Liron. "Now we can go."
DragonRider3 said Jun 08, 2012 08:39:54
" Under one condition only... " elf smiled naughtily as getting up to: " Since last sandwich flew away, I'm going to make you new huge giant sandwich, and you are going to eat it till the very last bite. Deal? "
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