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Liron and Svarik meadow 19

posted Jun 21, 2012 15:48:18 by DragonRider3
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Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 16:15:41
After a short discussion among them, Tialko went downstairs to the kitchen. When he saw that Liron is still asleep, he whispered something to Selagon, who went to sleep sometimes during the night, but was already awake, and attempting to make a tea. He nodded shortly, looking and Liron, but waited for him to wake while Tialko returned before Conrad's door.

(OOC: I assumed he's still asleep, it is quiet early)
DragonRider3 said Jun 21, 2012 19:06:29
( OOC: He is, but he would not mind at all waking ;)

On new presence in the room, Liron stirred, as if he even in sleep expecting for something, but then, not finding it, he continue sleeping...
Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 19:26:06
Selagon waited for some time yet, but then he decidaed to wake Liron - and the tea was ready as well, although he was not sure if it's really a tea... He approached the elf, and touched his shoulder slightly.
DragonRider3 said Jun 21, 2012 19:30:16
Liron almost same moment opened his eyes, even if sleepily, and raised his look to see who it is; but seeing Selagon, his heart seemed to sank, and he again half closed eyes, while he was standing up sleepily.. " Is everything all right? " he asked with sleepy tone: " No one attacks, right? "
Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 20:02:27
Selagon smiled slightly. "No, not this time... I would offer you a tea, but it tastes a bit like smoke, I fear. And our runaway king just returned..."
DragonRider3 said Jun 21, 2012 20:12:18
With these words, Selagon could see Liron's face paled, in strange mix of anxiety and relief, and he seemed to just in one second, just with one name, wake fully...
" Is he alright? " he started speaking fast, as if someone who has thousand questions and none answer, as if child that done something wrong and to whom you said parent is home, and it wants both; and to hug the parent he loves, and is afraid he might get a fair deserved slap: " Did he said something? Did he asked about me? "
Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 20:25:10
Selagon shook his head. "Tialko said he just climbed down from the roof and went down the stairs. He did not follow him, so he probably went to the room where he slept, as he did not show up here... maybe he expected to find you there..."
DragonRider3 said Jun 21, 2012 20:35:02
It could be seen on Liron's face that darkened in some undefined sadness, the hope Svarik didn't just went to that room to rest, but was looking for him.... And quilt that he isn't there, that he fell asleep in kitchen, while he was waiting... He seemed to have urge to same moment run up the stairs, but he sighed deeply and kept himself from it...
" Well... " he said estimating how Svarik must feel after night out there in the cold, trying to say something positive to calm down: " I guess it will be enough of a punishment after night he spent to make him drink that tea of yours... " he smiled slightly, but Selagon could see his thoughts and attention was already somewhere else, outside this room they were in: " There's nothing spoon of honey can't fix... And it can't be that bad, right?... "
Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 20:47:55
"Maybe two spoons..." Selagon looked a bit uncertain, as he was pouring the tea into a cup.
DragonRider3 said Jun 21, 2012 20:52:19
" It will have to do, we have no other... Since I turned to real sleepyhead... " his words were full of sad resentment toward himself, as if he slept for days, not few hours, as if he didn't need sleep after all he was dealing with in last few days; wounds, poison, drug.. No, only thing he could think of is he slept too much...
And while Selagon was pouring tea, he was talking jar of honey, and when Selagon finished, he took honey with it, and put it into cup.
Mirach said Jun 21, 2012 21:12:03
"I don't want to have unproper remarks, but if you would really get some proper sleep, then he would find you in the room where he is now..." Selagon said wryly, still somehow dissappointed with the tea.
DragonRider3 said Jun 22, 2012 05:32:29
Liron smiled a bit faintly, while taking the cup, smelling it a bit, and smiled slightly.
" Don't worry for it" he said warmly instead of reply about sleeping " Trust me, it really could had been worse. You should had tasted first teas my friend Martiniano and I were making, in times little Marel got sick for the first time; you would or burst out laughing if smelling it, or start chocking if trying it... " Then he seemed to get an idea, and added gently: " You know what? If it's not hard for you, fill one cup for me as well; it's been a long night, and I fear I cried out most of water in my silly self during it... Can you? "
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Mirach said Jun 22, 2012 12:40:11
Selagon looked a little doubtful, but then he shrugged and poured another cup.
DragonRider3 said Jun 22, 2012 12:44:20
After that was finished, Liron, thanking to Selagon warmly, headed upstairs with cups, after he gulped a bit nervously...
In less than one minute, however, he was in front of Svarik's room...
Now, when it actually came to moment he was waiting for all this time, he suddenly became nervous about it, and suddenly, going in turned so hard...
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Mirach said Jun 22, 2012 15:04:48
Svarik was wrapped in the covers, but he was still trembling. His flushed cheeks spoke of a rising fever... All the time, he was watching the door anxiously, wondering if Liron will come after his fleeing, if he will want to come... He did not dare to make the first step after what happened...
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