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Liron and Svarik meadow 20

posted Jul 03, 2012 14:52:15 by Mirach
I compiled the last posts from the previous thread here, as we didn't notice it went over the limit. I guess it would be safer to delete those that are over 200...
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Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 14:56:12
"I'll make sure they know that..." Selagon smiled slightly, and then left the room, closing the door after him.


(OOC: I think it was raining later when he was fleeing... I still don't have a final version of the events, just drafts. And yes, it's the last memory...)

Mercifully, the images faded into black, but Svarik could not tell if he's in the inn, back in the city where Izmir died, or lying among that high grass with bees buzzing around...


When he left, Conrad sighed, slightly shaking his head. It really is always better to do something... He left tea he drank half already at a table, and again started passing over papers.

( OOC: Oh.. Should I edit post to delete rain? )

Liron cried without any thought crossing his mind for a good minute... But as he calmed slightly, his attentionless mind started to slowly put back the pieces of surrounding, just like you are picking up pieces of sharp broken glass... But he was not having lot time to collect himself... Suddenly, he felt urge raising in his vulnerable heart, there was that almost physical pulse that was telling him he needs to do something, that he is needed... And he forced himself into clearing his mind as good as he could and to stop sobbing, and then, mostly instinctively than sanely, he raised his look toward bed his friend was in.


(OOC: As you want, it's ok both ways)

Svarik lay quietly now, although his breath was laboured. There were no more hallucinations, but the pain and grief of the last image still lingered...


( OC: Then I'll leave the rain. It's somehow fitting.. Sad, but fitting.. )

Just when he looked at Svarik, in one long painful moment cold pang of realization what happened hit Liron... And he bend slightly, almost feeling as if he will start crying again, but tears just weren't able to fall anymore... Instead, still a little shakily, not much realizing what he's doing, he stood up again, his eyes looking only at one... And, as if in some uncertain fear and hesitation, before he did anything else, elf with caution put his pale hand on his friend's forehead, slowly and keeping his breath, as if afraid some new painful memory will come and praying it not to....


He could feel the high fever, but no more memories came, as if that one was too exhausting, and he didn't have any strength left to face another.


Liron breathed out with strange mix of relief, loss and sorrow... Then, first thing he did, was withdrawing his hand, and while getting his wits back together slowly, he went to another bed from which he was taking other, clean sheets in order to change the ones Svarik was wrapped in.. Gathering clean and dry ones in his slightly shaking hands, he headed back toward meadow king's bed, and trying to do it as fast and gentle as he could in still quite upset state of mind, he took of sheets that were covering Svarik so far, and were soaked in his sweat...


Svarik just sighed slightly, him mind was walking somewhere on the border of sleep and unconsciousness.


Then, leaving Svarik uncovered for a moment, Liron sighed deeply and closed his eyes, trying to find a steady point in his thoughts... Doing magic always helped, for it required mind to focus well on one sole thing... Air had wet in itself... And his own body was full of water, 7/10 of it was making his body... When two are similar, they are easier to be connected... Liron whispered something, one name, it must had been.. And he could feel how his hands are getting wet... How wetness of the air is making sheets turn wet... He could manipulate temperature, and, in just one moment, warm sheets under his concentrated touch turned lukewarm... Layer of wetness in sheets was not too thick, it had more of a slight, but deep touch of it... And, concentrating on it as a steady point, Liron, trying to be as gentle as he could, slowly letting body get used to new feeling and trying not to cause unnecessary shivering, started wrapping Svarik with them..


The touch of the wet sheets brought Svarik back to present as it stung on his skin, over-sensitive with fever. He opened his eyes slightly, carefuly, as if afraid to find out that he is still there, that Izmir just died and meeting Liron was just a feverish dream...


( OOC: As well, we can assume Liron took of his tunic first; wet covers over tunic are not much of a help... )

And what he sow was Liron leaning above him, and wrapping him in wet covers.. He still not sow Svarik was awake, his, for some reason, quite diffuse attention was fully concentrating on what he was doing, and it was obvious he was trying to do this best way he could... His hands trembled, but just slightly...


(OOC: Yes, I assumed... :D)

"L-L-Liron?" Svarik whispered uncertainly, as if wanting to assure it is real.
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AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 14:58:13
( OOC: I didn't notice it too... It's almost funny.. But, I was too concerned about Svarik, you must assume *innocent blink *

Only then, Liron noticed him, and edge of covers almost slipped from his hands... He trembled slightly but just for one short second, before he smiled, somehow faintly and worried - yes, it was definitely Liron. Stopping what he was doing for a moment, he leaned his hand that was not so cold anymore on Svarik forehead, and whispered soothingly, as if feeling his friend's confusion: " Shh.. Easy.. Don't worry.. It's just a fever.. " his voice was quiet, but tone, worried and maybe a bit guilty, was with no doubt belonging to an elf: " But it will be better soon, I promise... "
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Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 15:04:31
Svarik sighed with relief, like waking from a bad dream and finding out it's not real. "I'm... glad you're here..." he whispered seriously.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 15:13:20
Liron just smiled slightly, but his smile was quite nervous for some reason ... And, surprisingly, while he caressed Svarik's hair gently with edge of his fingers, he whispered, equally seriously as his friend, with other hand continuing wrapping him in covers and focusing his eyes on that: " I'm.. So damn glad I'm here too... Gladness... It's even a mild word, but I can't think of any better at the moment.. " his lips raised just a bit more, but by dimmed light of his eyes it could be noticed he's not having much fun with making puns now: " So I think I will have to satisfy with it... "
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 15:25:23
"It's a nice word..." Svarik murmured a bit disconnectedly, closing his eyes again. It did not take long before the sheets started to grow warm, but the fever sank a little.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 15:50:22
In meantime, Liron sat beside Svarik, with one hand at meadow king's forehead, and other one at his chest, above sheets, of course. Slowly, so slowly, he was calming more as he was feeling pressure of Svarik's beating heart under his palm... But it wasn't the reason, or better said not main reason, why he was keeping his hand there... At one moment, as sheets were growing warmer, he closed his eyes, and with mental practice created a calm spot in his mind, focused only on what he was about to do... And one barely audible word left his lips, so quiet that it could almost not be noticed he said anything, it seemed mostly like echo of the thoughts. And sighing slightly, he done something similar he done moment before.. Before he made wetness of the air pass into the covers.. But what he was slowly, so very slowly, doing now, was a bit more complicated... He was in same time, and keeping his one hand cold, and with other one doing the spell... And with that spell, he is same time was and keeping sheets lukewarm, and making wetness from it constant by passing to it the wetness from the air, and making warmth from sheets to leave them... but as all types of energy, energy of warmth can not be destroyed, it can only pass into another type of energy or be canalized to change its way... And warmth was partly passing into surrounding, partly into Liron, but it was not too much, and only his cheeks blushed very, very slightly. He tried to do it as best as he could, after all, so he didn't get much warm, since most warmth he managed to canalize into air... Change was so slow that it could almost not be noticed, since Liron tried to make it as good as he could, so he don't cause any fast change into what Svarik's body was dealing with at the moment, and so he don't have to change sheets again and leave Svarik uncovered for even a second, since it could maybe cause shivering, and he definitely wasn't considering that a good option for fever.
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 16:07:14
Svarik relaxed a little. As the fever sank, the cool wetness against his skin felt almost pleasant. He was just feeling very tired and very thirsty now. He sought the teapot with his eyes, to see if there's something left still.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 16:13:31
Liron made sure to make lot of tea before, so there was still quite lot left from it in teapot beside table... As elf sow Svarik's looking around, he seemed to almost instinctively guess what he wanted... But he had to control spell with a touch, and dividing mind into three battlefield was something he could do, but he wasn't doing for very long time, so, instead of doing levitation or some other spell, he, with slightly apologetic expression, removed hand from Svarik's forehead, leaving the other one on its place at Svarik's chest. And with that one hand, that, luckily, stopped trembling some time ago, he started pouring tea from teapot into Svarik's cup....
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 16:22:14
"Thank you..." Svarik whispered, reaching weakly for the cup.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 16:28:58
" You silly little flower... " Liron just smiled slightly, quietly saying first words that came to him: " I would do anything for you... Least problem is filling you a cup of tea... " he then winked, as he was amused slightly: " And, on top of that, not really tasteful tea... "
And as he handed cup to Svarik, he watched him for a second to see if he can hold it without spilling it, and then with that free hand he raised Svarik's head a bit and supported him while he was drinking...
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 16:35:31
"And what's the... biggest problem?" Svarik asked with a slight smile before draining the cup.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 16:49:11
Liron just blinked innocently, while he was gently leaning Svarik back on bed, and placing the cup on table, but then, he smiled, even if it seemed to take him a little difficulty: " *Your* biggest problem, you mean? Well, I actually am not sure where to start... Should I start with that you have one elven wizard that almost got, er.. heart attack from worry? That surely isn't on bottom of the problems list.. " he shook his head theatrically, his slight teasing showing he's not angry, but only relieved Svarik is a bit better now: " You, know, I wasn't angry that you run away, but why, why in name of all honey cookies of the world, *why* you could not run into nice *warm* room and cry under nice *warm* sheets like all the other kids? " There was gentle teasing smile on his face, but it was hiding something more frail.. Love and slightly eased worry...
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 17:00:28
"That was stupid, I know..." Svarik murmured embrassedly. "I just... wanted to get out, to a meadow or a tree... the roof was the closest thing I could find here."
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 03, 2012 17:15:30
Liron shook his head, looking a bit not content his jest didn't work.... But he seemed to have gift for making people around him feel not embarrassed but comfortable, and as he again reached for Svarik head, first caressing his hair slightly, and then putting his palm on forehead again, he whispered: " Relax, dear, it's okay... You are just.. one overgrown child... My dearest terribly beautiful overgrown child... " he smiled warmly, as he knelt down on the floor, and leaned closer, as if he needed to feel Svarik's closeness and feel his presence to be fine... " That's why you have me... Silliest, all time over-protective parent.... To amend all the small silly things you do and make everything right again... And to make sure in sating all your silly little urges as they come, you don't hurt yourself, just like child that long to explore the world gets bruises and prick on thorns... " he smiled slightly, closing eyes slightly and looking like he's relaxing slowly: " That's the very same reason why I have you too... "
Mirach said Jul 03, 2012 17:26:08
"I'm not that bad, am I?" Svarik muttered with a slight defensive smile, his eyes closing again with weariness.
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