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Liron and Svarik meadow 21

posted Jul 12, 2012 21:27:22 by Mirach
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Mirach said Jul 12, 2012 21:27:30
Svarik raised his eyebrows slightly, unaware of that scene as he was fast asleep by then. He was glad that some of the tenseness in the room diffused, though.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 12, 2012 21:33:46
Seeing his expression, Conrad smiled a bit more broadly:
" He didn't tell you, did he? What we were doing that night, arguing at different sides of the window, he above, me on bottom? Oh, I will tell you, it was really entertaining... Your vampirish fellow, same moment he was left alone, tried to do first epic escaping through the window... And after stopping him, true, your dear friend actually defended him before me with above mentioned excuse... Coloring *me* with that transparent lie color, don't you think I am able to estimate when someone opens window to admire surrounding or by order, and when to jump out? "
Conrad seemed quite amused by now, but it could be seen how Liron's face blushes even more deeply, but in same time, he accepted this scold as if understanding it's well deserved, and looked only worried over what Svarik will say...
" You know, in my defense" elf said " Or not defense, he actually almost convinced me to admit general was not admiring surrounding before you entered the room... But I actually am very grateful that you entered that moment... It was moment when I actually seriously considered if Conrad's arguments were on place.... "
" So, you was *considering*? May, may, isn't that a bit too mildly said? " Conrad looked at him with a bit less tenseness, but with complete teasing certainty: " I put you in position when you was able to admit that sky is pink! "
Liron chucked slightly, but it is him that now looked worried, still over Svarik's opinion..
Mirach said Jul 12, 2012 21:45:44
"So... he tried to escape *after* we met the First Emperor and you promised him protection?" Svarik shook his head slightly. "Actually, it does not surprise me that much... He really cannot change in a day. And it doesn't change anything about your arguments either, only shows that much more time will be needed..."
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 07:20:12
" Much more time... " man murmured: " Or that much time that my imagination weakens under it... But if you say so, it's your expertise... " he shrugged, and then changed subject: " Now, mot to waist time when that decision is made.. Second I want to speak about is your position here. I tried to speak about it with meadow king, but.. Well, I discovered I have more urgent things on my mind.. To sum it up: this place is not safe anymore. I know general said his vampires won't attack; but we can not trust neither him neither them. If they would attack again, with inn in this state, their chances are considerable bigger. And I *won't* bring people here to defend indefensible position. " he made a deliberate pause, before he added simply: " I want us to change position, and move into one of my headquarters, as soon as your friend" he pointed at meadow king: " Is able to walk... That is the offer I gave to him too, in he morning. "
Liron again grew serious, and then he asked quietly:
" How can I know it's not a trick? I think both you and me know our position there, among people you trust and that obey you, can't be so light.. On one your word... "
" Yes" man nodded somehow coldly, obviously displeased over elf's doubts: " On one my word, you can be torn to pieces and people will find your corpses wrapped in your own skin.... turned upside down. " there was some resentment in man's tone: " But if I say I will not, then I will not. I do not drug ones I plan to cooperate with... I'm quite open with that. If I want you dead, I say it, I don't stay silent and stab you in a back... I aim the heart. " his voice grew serious and cold as ice: " I gave you my offer. " he turned his head, his arms crossed: " And I don't force you to listen to voice of reason and take it. You can take it, or throw it in garbage... I only know I'll be not there to tell *I told you so*..."
Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 08:02:35
"I trust him, Liron..." Svarik said quietly. "I only see one problem with your offer," he turned to Conrad. "We'll have to move the general as well... I do not want to strain the loyalty of your men..."
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 10:13:42
" This morning... I told you I am not giving this offer lightly... And it is *not* light offer at all... " Conrad answered to meadow king quietly, and there was dignity in his voice: " There are seven main headquarters... Each is lead by one of seven of us that are.. Most respected, in what we do. Headquarter I have in mind for us to go to... Is *mine*. The one lead by me. It is the very heart of my organization... In most of other headquarters content is mixed, we have young people, older people, more or less loyal to our cause... But in *this*, in very this one.. There are people that are absolutely loyal to me. Each, each single person in it was chosen by me, to say so... Found by me.... Some are better fighters, some are still in training, I never waist any time with talented people.. But *all* are loyal to the last drop of blood... Reeducated by me, they know what's the worst crime there is - betrayal of companions. And it is betrayal to ignore all others and work on your own hand, and killing someone I said is not to be killed is such thing. It is the important rule. If everyone would do exactly as he please, everything would torn apart, because no one would know what the other one is doing, and we can't afford draining attention to ourselves.... We never could... There is chain of authority built upon respecting of the ones above... They obey me, not because I gathered them together.... " man's consuming tone turned to almost whisper: " They are gathered under my leading because they trust my capability and judgement... If I told them to go around the city and seek for the blackbird with white feathers, they would do it to exhaustion... If I told them that I made deal with you not to kill the general... If I even told them to be nice to him - which I'll not, just so you know, he deserves not that much regard - they would do it, only for my sake... " he shrugged slightly, and added last sentenced with even tone, so much opposed to sentences before, that held respectful mix of emotions: " You see, there are many interesting people around here.. You would surprise how much there are diamonds in a mud, that just needs to be given a little bit of lift... And I had a good eye to search for it, and I was giving it all the lift under borders of mine capability... I hate wasting such a talent and such skills... It's a gift that has to be used... And ten years... It's a lot of time for someone like me to do what I'm doing... "
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Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 11:25:10
Svarik nodded, his doubts diffused with the answer. "If that is so, then I'll be glad to meet them..." he said sincerely, and looked at Liron to see what's his opinion about it.
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 11:43:36
Liron was still looking a bit doubtful, seeming a little like mother cat that is not willing to risk his kitten, and it was obvious who was it, to get harmed by too much trust... He understood the seriousness of the offer, but it was exactly doubtful to him how man can offer so much... He was hesitating.. But then he finally sighed and said with neutral tone:
" If meadow king trusts you.. Then there is nothing more to be considered further. We are going with you. "
Man looked somehow offended with so much hesitation, but he said nothing over it, and in that moment, he looked a bit as if when he said Svarik that people don't believe him exactly when he speaks the truth... But when he spoke, he continue firmly, not saying anything over that:
" Al right, two things done.. Few more points to pass through... Let's see... Now, there's problem with other vampires, but on that point can't discuss only three of us, there are also other people in this city which I know that have opinions worthy to be listened to... Actually, to sincerely say, today I was supposed to keep a meeting to, beside few other things, discuss about it as well, but I still received not reply over that point from a friend, so I guess it can't be as soon as I hoped, and think three of us should not speak about that till I exchange some opinions with them and - " he suddenly stopped and looked at elf: " Why you are giving me *that* look? "
Liron blushed slightly, looking a little embarrassed... because Conrad actually received message... message Svarik and Liron read... yesterday..:
" Er.. Well, you see.. About that reply... "
Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 11:53:21
Svarik meanwhiles decided that he doesn't want the soup to get cold while they are talking, and strted to eat it slowly. Now he put down the spoon, remembering the message as well. "Malike sent his cat, Nella, yesterday, with a messaage that he'll return with Baldir in the morning. On the other side of the paper was a message for you... I'm afraid I forgot about it in all the turmoil..." He frowned slightly, trying to remember. "Where is it now, Liron? Do you still have it? And..." he smiled a little, suddenly wishing he could pet the adorable cat again, "... is Nella still here?"
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 12:08:00
" I still have message... " Liron gulped slightly, and took it out from his pocket, handing it to man that looked strangely resighed when he replied:
" So, you got message for me yesterday and you, beside reading it, *both* forgot about it? " he shoo his head slightly, and pressing his temples, and he suddenly looked so old: " Why does that not surprise me? "
And then, he sighed, and started reading it...
In meantime, Liron turned toward Svarik, and explained him: " Er.. And no.. I don't think she's still here... I think I lost it somewhen yesterday... She just left.. It's one very smart cat... "
" Of course it is... " Conrad said a bit absently, his gaze concentrated on reading mostly: " It's Malik's cat. Trained by Raven, cuddled by Malik all the time, you can't find one like her in whole shire... It's one of a kind. Natural talent and gained skill. Eyes that cut through metal... Memory able to remember all of us outlaws, and to trace us only by our smell, passing through places we spend time in to find us, but not searching for us if she know she's been watched by unfriendly eyes... It's a perfect messenger. " he smiled slightly: " And adorable one, jet full of dignity... She will not let you touch her if she doesn't like you. "
Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 12:18:55
Svarik nodded in agreement. "She's really beautiful..." he paused. "And sorry about the message... although I think that if there is a right time for it, then it's now, after we have cleared the other points."
AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 12:31:59
" In any other circumstances, it would be just about perfect time.. Just not in this case... I meant to arrange meeting earlier, as it was my wish, it was supposed to happen.. Two hours ago... I don't want to think what they were thinking when I didn't appear... " man shook his head slightly, but then suddenly there was smile on his face: " But let's see... There are no people that here to take any kind of revenge for their beloved leader.. " he frowned slightly, and then he connected two things: " Malik must had read the message as well, before he sent this paper to you... I'm quite sure he found my friend Crow or Mole and spread the word that some more urgent business came upon me and that meeting is to be delayed... Good old Malik... " he nodded in approval. " I love how they can almost read my mind... "
Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 12:41:56
"He certainly has read it, and apparently though there's no harm if we read it as well, otherwise he would not use it for his own note..." When he thought about it, he would rather not show Conrad the note about Baldir's state last evening, but unfortunately, they were inseparable. He wondered if Malik thought about that when he was writing it, or if he forgot that Conrad will want to read the original message to him... "No..." he muttered, "the time for it is now, not earlier..." And he didn't mean the decision about the vampire, but Baldir's healing that had to take place before Conrad reads the note.
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AnastasijaVišnjić said Jul 13, 2012 13:57:12
Somewhere around that time, Conrad turned paper at other side, and started reading it... He frown, but nothing more could be seen on his well-collected face... When he finished, he brought paper closer to his nose, and smelled it: " Wine... South of the land... Hmm.. Good vintage... Let's see.... " he paused for a moment, as if remembering something: " There's only one tavern with this kind... *Smuggler*... " he shook his head: " Well, me and Baldir will have one serious conversation after this, I guess... But I think Malik wanted me to read this message, to make sure i know where he is, or at this point, where he and Baldir were... I mean, he said that he don't have paper, but that's absurd. There's no point in time, no point when we are not wearing a slice of paper and pen, at least one. And messengers, birds at least, are situated all over the city, on at most ten minutes running distances. It's necessary for fast communication and spreading important news... And you see how there's just a bit of wine at the very edge of one side? Malik wanted to make sure, if he don't manage to return Baldir or don't manage to convince him to return... That I recognize from smell where he left him, so I can come myself... " Conrad nodded slightly: " Tacit order of things.... He assumed you will give me message as soon as you receive it... " he smiled slightly: " He forgot he is not dealing with immortal elf that can wait couple of centuries to pass over instant delivery.... "
Liron chuckled a little with that, and a little bit more of tenseness in air eased with it...
Mirach said Jul 13, 2012 14:19:08
Svarik smirked as well. "I guess he didn't consider an option that you might be asleep, too... Well, you got the note now and everything is solved, so no harm done."

(OOC: Well... what to say, I'm leaving again... During the weekend I will have some internet, but between July 16-25th, I'll be completely "away from civilization")
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