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Liron and Svarik meadow 22

posted Aug 02, 2012 14:29:10 by DragonRider3
[Last edited Aug 02, 2012 14:34:50]
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DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 14:46:24
" None less did I suspect... " Liron smiled back: " Even so,possibility of you being already asleep if we came at least two minutes later " he cast a short look in Selagon's direction: " Would raise considerably, you must assume. "
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 17:56:34
Svarik nodded without trying to disprove that. "I'm glad you cam now... I... was afraid that if I fall asleep, he will be able to reach to me again..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 18:15:33
" He won't. " Liron said with that strong determination that it almost hurt: " I'll see to it that he doesn't... Just try to stay awake for a few more minutes, then I'll talk to him about it... He won't do it again..." not even realizing, his voice trembled slightly, before it got steady again: " And in any case, tomorrow I'll see to it to figure out a way to keep him out of you thoughts, I promise... "
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 18:24:04
Svarik nodded once with complete trust. First then he looked at Selagon and smiled slightly. "Thank you for coming with Liron..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 18:34:45
Liron also looked back at Selagon. Nothing he said, but blushed, looking in same time thankful and nervous a bit, as if someone who never got used to accept help of others, but if he would seek and get it, he would hold it as something very precious, no matter what it is...
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 18:55:43
Selagon just shrugged. "If I didn't, he would do something foolish..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 19:07:46
Liron made completely innocent face: " Who? Me? " but then he let go of too forced innocent look, and sighed slightly: " Well.. I would not be able to go against my nature, that is true... " he shrudged slightly, and there appeared a little sad smile on his face as he finished: " As Martiniano would say, I have a custom to deny other's rights to choose, under excuse of protecting them... " his smile turned a little more bright as he was placing cups on table, and rolling one of his sleeve... "And doing silly things instead of letting them make their own choice... "
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 19:10:27
Svarik looked already more awake at that. "That's why I'm glad it's different now..." he sighed.

Selagon nodded. "Do you want me to do it? I have some experience with... blood and knives."
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 19:28:46
" Blood sacrifices, you mean? Always call things with their real name, dear... " Liron asked as if it's the most usual thing to ask, even if his words were strangely mild and gentle: " I... have it too.. There are quite a bit of spells that require it.. And most of all, I.. " he gulped, as if not knowing how priest will take in his statement: " I had.. And still have... Vampirish friends.. One of my best friends is vampire, Astodel, I think I mentioned it once.. And, you know, they need blood, I have blood.. " he blushed slightly: " One thing leads to another,in those matters, I guess... "
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 20:06:30
"That makes it easier, then. I will cut your hand, and you will cut mine." Selagon said self-assuredly, taking the knife. "Who shall begin?"
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DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 20:14:42
" Liron thought a bit, before he said: " Compared to yours, my hands are rather gentle structured.. Easier to weaken with blood loss.. I don't want to risk them to tremble and it to hurt more than it should, or take more time... " and then he added slowly, but with determination: " I would like to do it first... If it's okay. "
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 20:24:31
Selagon handed the knife to Liron without a word, and drew his sleeve up.
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 20:38:47
Liron took the knife in his hands.. Even such weapon, in his hands didn't look like something harmful, more like a new toy his hands to play with... It weren't hands of warrior, but hands of the healer, that held it, ad it held it with great care... He took the cup closer to them, to be there when he makes a cut.. And then he took priest's arm gently, and straightened it with apologetic look, looking at front of the elbow..
" All right.. Let's find a basilic vein.. " he whispered, and when he found it, he drew a knife closer till it's surface touched priest's skin..... It stopped there for a moment, as if elf was hesitating on some way... Sorrow appeared in his emerald eyes, at the thought he had to cut hand of his new friend, and it was obviously seen on his face, as a simple, jet deep sadness, understanding it's inevitable... And only then, he gulped, and forced himself into doing it... With one, but thoughtful move, not even trembling not to cause unnecessary pain, Liron made a cut on priest's elbow... A clean surgical cut, with clear edges, done so skilfully and swiftly that it almost didn't hurt at first - one more proof of elf's experience... As the cut was made, blood started slowly sipping into the positioned cup...
Mirach said Aug 02, 2012 20:45:28
Selagon nodded as if in approval, and held his hand above the cup.
DragonRider3 said Aug 02, 2012 21:11:42
In meantime, Liron let that little of blood from the knife to fall into cup as well, as if not willing to waist not even one drop of precious liquid, before he left knife on the table. Then he turned toward priest, looking at his hand with mix of some undefined sorrow and deep loving and caring attention, as if prepared to act in case something goes wrong. Blood was sipping for some time, till the cup was almost full...
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