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Liron and Svarik meadow 23

posted Aug 10, 2012 18:45:48 by Mirach
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DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 05:46:05
But Liron was obviously shining and he was that enthusiastic and merry today that even bees from the meadow that are happy in their chase of making their honey, would envy him on how he seemed to be happy at this very moment. He took Svarik under the arm dandy, but actually, Svarik could tell, he was checking if he needs support to stand.
" So, my dear chuckling meadow king... " he exclaimed with merry fun note full of grace in his tone: " Do you feel like facing the great expanses of lunch, so unfamiliar to two of us that miss it every second day, from the kitchen? Or will elven prince have to go to daaaaangerous quest into the unknown in order to provide his king with something to eat? "
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Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 08:31:33
Svarik did not feel that steady on his feet, but smiled broadly Liron's waords. "I think I will brave the lunch..." He just took the cover from the bed and wrapped it around his shoulders, feeling a little cold without it.
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 08:40:24
Liron grinned back with unconcealed joy, but then, his face, even if merry, grew little more serious as he took a deep estimating look at Svarik: " Well... " he smiled, despite: " Then we can only pray lunch won't prove as such strong opponent! Shall we, then? "
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 08:57:05
Svarik nodded. "Opponent it might be, I just hope it doesn't run before us..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 10:19:42
" If it runs, we will chase him! " elf giggled:" Or find his cousin, called snack, that's much easier to catch... Let's go for it!"
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 10:40:17
"To the fight, then!" Svarik giggled, and followed Liron to the kitchen with a slow pace.

(OOC: Baldir is there, I guess?)
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 11:08:35
Liron's step was slightly hopping, but, somehow, it never got faster than Svarik could keep up..
When they reached the kitchen, Baldir was there, standing on a chair, holding with one, and with other, stalking lot of plates inside shelves, as if he was wanting to clean every unnecessary thing up before they leave inn in two days.. Along the cooking table, there were lot of ingredients and meat prepared for frying, and some that was already made but was left to cool a little... It was, what Liron would call, creative mess.. Innkeeper still noticed them not..

( OOC: Yes ;)
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 12:26:39
"Good day, Baldir," Svarik greeted him with a smile.
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 12:34:15
Only now noticing there is someone in the room, Baldir rapidly moved, and as he moved, plate from the top of pile in his hands started to fall, and man let go of the shelf to keep it.. It disturbed his balance, and he almost fell with it.. But then he managed to keep himself on edge of the chair, and sighed in relief: " Uh, that was close.." hew murmured to himself, before he turned to two of them, and smiled, still in same position on the chair: " Oh, good afternoon you two... And may I say; you really know to pick up time to wake up. It's just about lunch.. Er.. Pretty soon. "
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 12:49:12
"That was intentional of course..." Svarik laughed, looking at Liron.
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 13:05:35
Liron just blinked innocently, giving his best puppy eyes look: " Well, it was intentional only for him, *of course*... You must assume, his smell on good meal works much better than mine, and its calling is much stronger for him... As for me" he theatrically waved away:" I fear, not for all the cookies in the world, I think, I would leave the bed *with intention*!"
Baldir started to laugh, but it was getting dangerous to do it while holding the plates, so he slowly started putting them down on table til he calms a bit, and Liron, who was a step closer, accepted the plates as man handed them to him and left the chair, returning back to good old floor.
" Well, he said after a chuckle: " I guess you can, when already woke up, try *not* to make me laugh and drop the *fragile*, sharp-if-broken objects on the ground? " he was obviously joking as he acted stern waving of the and, as if he spoke to a child: " Did you mother told you not it's not good to tickle the butler when carries lot of things, and that joking with them while they are doing so is equally suicidal ceramics-dropping idea? "
With that reprimand, smile on Liron's face faded just slightly for some reason.
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 14:02:56
"I'm sorry, Baldir..." Svarik smiled, and took two plates as well, and then put one down as he realized the blanket will fall from his shoulders if he takes plates into both hands. "Liron's bright mood is contagious today..."
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 14:26:13
" Contagious?" Baldir raised eyebrow in teasing amusement: " Meadow king, you really lack on strong enough words today! "
Mirach said Aug 11, 2012 15:04:20
"Yes, I'm aware of that deficiency..." Svarik smirked.
DragonRider3 said Aug 11, 2012 16:09:16
Baldir seemed to withdraw slightly, as if not knowing how to interpret that smirk, but then Liron interrupted man's thinking, as he, still with smile upon his face, asked lightly: " So, all jokes and laughter at a side, dear, do you need any help? I am quite free at this moment, I can say! "
" Well, since you already mentioned.. " Baldir gave him a slight cunning smile and pointed at the dishes elf was still holding and at quite a bit of them along one side of table: " I need to stack these in shelves, since they won't be needed for use for some time... Could you do that while I finish with lunch? "
" Yes, sir! " Liron grinned, as if it was out of the question, and same instant, he took some of the plates, and climbed the chair Baldir had just left, and started sorting out plates. Baldir nodded, and, as if synchronized with elf in housework, he passed beside table and reached toward some vegetables needed for lunch, and taking a knife, continued sometime ago interrupted sawing with impressive speed and skill, looking as if he is humming in himself in order to work faster and finish this before some meat gets too cold, as every really good innkeeper.
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